Google Drive for iOS, Android gains mobile spreadsheet editing

Following in the footsteps of the documents function, the newest version of Google’s Drive app lets you edit spreadsheets on a smartphone or tablet. The new Drive(s goog) software was released on Wednesday morning and is available in the Google Play store and iTunes for iOS devices(s aapl). In addition to the editing feature, Google Drive users can create new spreadsheets directly on a handset.

Google kept the experience simple by adding the most basic editing features for spreadsheets, saying that you can “switch fonts, resize columns, sort data, and more.” But there is support for multiple account edits, meaning several people can collaborate on the same spreadsheet and everyone will see all changes. Android device owners get an additional document feature over their iOS counterparts: they can edit text within tables.

I gave the new feature a whirl on my Android smartphone and it works as advertised. I don’t see a way to add functions other than actually spelling them out, however. There’s no function chooser. Instead, I was able to add a column of numbers by manually typing SUM() with the cell ranges I wanted. That’s not ideal, but it’s a step closer to a useful mobile productivity app.