Moo’s NFC business card: The last one you may ever need

Moo NFC business card

Moo, the online printing company that offers business cards, greeting cards and more, recently demonstrated the ability to use wireless technology in the paper industry. The company showed off a business card with an embedded NFC, or near-field communications tag, and sent me one. At first I thought this was technology for the sake of technology since you can push contact data already from one NFC-enabled phone to another. But after using the test card, I realized that a dedicated card eliminates all the button presses needed to beam data between phones.


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You can see how easy it is to use the card in my brief video: Just tap the card to any phone that has an NFC radio. The card will pass data to the phone and even tell the phone what to do with it. In my case, it passes a link to my GigaOm Pro profile and tells the phone to open a browser to that web page.

The card could just have easily added me as a contact to the phone. In fact, the NFC tag can be re-programmed as needed in case you want to change the data on it. I’m not one to carry business cards around all that much, but I could certainly see myself carrying this one from Moo, particularly as more phones come with NFC capabilities.

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