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Here’s the cleantech sector’s response to the Presidential election: thank-frickin-gawd. Or, more professionally, GigaOM Pro analyst Martin Piszczalski writes:

Democrats came out ahead in the November 2012 elections, which has many implications for the renewable-energy sector. Importantly, the production tax credit (PTC) for wind power now has a much better chance of being extended soon. Nevertheless, new government support for the renewable-energy industry will be significantly lower than in the past four years.

Read the rest of his research note on how the outcome of the election will effect cleantech, on GigaOM Pro (subscription required).

Next-generation batteries will be crucial for the proliferation of electric cars, as well as clean power (wind and solar need accompanying storage). GigaOM Pro recently published a 22-page report on the latest in advanced battery technologies. It’s a fascinating read.

In the report, GigaOM Pro contributor, and Pike Research analyst Brittany Gibson, writes:

Despite inherent risk in this industry, the market garners a significant investment from university, government, and private entities at many points along the development cycle, targeting everything from materials science to marketing to project development. Without attention at each point, advanced batteries will continue to suffer from this industry’s slow pace of development. It remains to be seen whether innovation in this industry can accelerate at any other pace.

Read the rest of the report here (subscription required).

And finally, GigaOM Pro cleantech analyst Adam Lesser today writes about the looming question of whether the U.S. should aggressively export natural gas. Non-subscribers and subscribers alike can read that one, here.