Newvem makes its Amazon analytics available


As nearly everyone knows by now, Amazon(s amzn) Web Services are a cheap and efficent way to deploy compute power. But as we increasingly hear from a raft of startups like Newvem, Cloudability, Cloudyn, and Cloud Vertical — that AWS could be cheaper and more efficient still — if you use Newvem’s, Cloudability’s, Cloudyn’s or Cloud Vertical’s analytics and tracking tools.

As of Thursday, Newvem is making its analytics broadly available, just a few days after Cloudability did the same.  Newvem said it’s gained valuable insights from the 8 months its free service has been in trial.  First and foremost “we’ve learned that cloud users are sick and tired of hearing about saving costs … we’re helping cloud users [instead] focus on their business and how the cloud impacts profit,” said Cameron Peron,  Newvem VP of marketing.

The Israeli company measures all Amazon resources used by a given company in real time and uses that data to recommend better deployment options.  A dashboard exposes key performance indicators (KPIs) for C-level executives, IT managers and developers, Peron said.

This market for analytics and dashboards into what some call Amazon’s “black box” is getting pretty crowded.  Not only are there a raft of feisty startups, but established players like Rightscale are starting to get into the act with their own tools. But the biggest factor on the horizon may be Amazon itself  which is starting to make its own costs more trackable.

If you’re confused about which of these tools to use, all of these companies, including Newvem, will be at Amazon’s ReInvent show later this month in Las Vegas. You can check them out for yourself and also hear what Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and CTO Werner Vogels have to say. At Structure Europe last month, Vogels promised all sorts of “unbelievable” new services to come from the company some of these are bound to be announced at the show.


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