Grace Digital’s gdock speaker rocks a Galaxy Note 2 and more

Unlike Apple’s iPhone (s aapl), there are relatively few third-party accessories for Google Android(s goog) phones. Why? While the iPhone has a standardized dock port on the bottom — which recently changed with new iOS devices — Android devices come in hundreds of shapes and sizes so there’s no standardization across the line. But Samsung has been fairly consistent of late and that’s why Grace Digital can make a speaker dock for the company’s Galaxy handsets.

The gdock is a $129 speaker that charges a Samsung phone during music playback. An optional rechargeable battery allows the gdock to leave home, but the device won’t charge on a phone when running on battery power. Grace Note’s gdock takes advantage of Samsung’s phone design over the past two years. It supports the Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Note II because all four phones have a micro-USB port on the bottom.

Don’t expect massive sound out of the gdock, but it does have a respectable 16 Watt amplifier and 60Hz – 18KHz +/-3dB frequency response, which ought to sound much better than the integrated speaker in a Galaxy smartphone. An included remote control allows for tweaking bass, treble, volume and input. That last bit is important because the gdock has an auxiliary input jack for piping sound from another source as well.