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Commutist podcast: War tweets, Google TV 3 and Nexus 4

On this week’s episode of our weekly podcast, we bring in Mathew Ingram to examine the fascinating and bizarre concept of Israel live tweeting its military actions. And then on a less serious note, we get all Google-y with Janko Roettgers about what the new Google TV 3.0 means for the future of television and Kevin Tofel talks up the Nexus 4 phone and the state of Chrome OS.

(NOTE: We are aware of the audio scratching noise you can sometimes here. We isolated it part-way through the show and it disappears halfway through the first segment. Thank you for your patience!)

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Stitcher Radio

Hosts: Chris Albrecht and Erica Ogg

0:00 – Israel’s social media offensive

11:37 – Google TV 3.0

26:10 – The Nexus 4 and Chromebooks

34:45 – Parting gifts:

Kevin teaches you how to take a screenshot with a Kindle Paperwhite

Erica likes the Food with Friends app from Foodily in advance of Thanksgiving

Chris wants you know if you were bugged by Skyfall’s hacking scene as much as he was. (email him at podcast at gigaom dot com)

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Sandy’s Social, Infrastructure Impact and Forstall

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2 Responses to “Commutist podcast: War tweets, Google TV 3 and Nexus 4”

  1. Interesting topic you cover but the rattling in the background is really annoying. I going have to give up on listing to this podcast. I listen since the first episode and I had hope you had notice this noise. The noise is to distracting when you have good topic but you hear this sound you get distract. I will say today podcast wasn’t as bad other time but I still heard it.

    My parting gift fo you I do recommend you remove anything that can make sound while you do 30-40min podcast. Mic pick up every sound around you which me we hear it.

    Best of luck

    • Chris Albrecht

      Hi DXANA,

      First off. I’m sorry to lose you as a listener. I know the scratching noise was there, but we got rid of it partway through the first segment.

      I thought of re-recording that segment, but we were having such an organic, thoughtful conversation that I decided to power through.

      Hopefully you’ll give us another chance,