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UPDATED: Amazon Payments problems stall Kickstarter pledges

UPDATED: Amazon Payments (s amzn), which powers the payments for crowd-funding platform Kickstarter in the U.S., is having problems Thursday morning that are affecting some supporters’ ability to back projects. Funders who try to complete a pledge are met with a message that an error occurred while trying to process the payment.

I checked it out myself this morning and was hit with the same error message when trying to support a project. Justin Kazmark, a spokesperson for Kickstarter, told me this morning that Amazon Payments is working on resolving the issue, which is not specific to Kickstarter.

UPDATE: Kazmark said pledges are flowing again through Amazon Payments.

A Twitter search suggests the issue cropped up over the last couple of hours.

It’s unclear if this is affecting everyone who tries to use Amazon Payments. Other retailers like Petco and Lenovo also use Amazon as a payment choice but Kickstarter completely relies on it for payments in the U.S. One Twitter user said they had trouble buying gift cards because of the problems.

Another Kickstarter donor remarked on Twitter that they were in danger of not being able to fund a project before its deadline because of the problems.

And at least one creator we’ve been talking to is holding off on launching its project while waiting for Amazon Payments to come back online. I’ve reached out to Amazon for comment and will update this with more information when we figure out what’s going on.

According to Amazon Web Services service health dashboard, the company started investigating the issue at 5:33 a.m PT. The problems included error rates and latencies affecting the  transaction APIs Pay, Reserve, Settle, Refund CBUI pipeline, Simple Pay” in the North America region. By 7:17 a.m., Amazon said it had identified the problem and was working on fixing the root problem.

12 Responses to “UPDATED: Amazon Payments problems stall Kickstarter pledges”

  1. Emily Hill

    To Those affected by Kickstarter/Amazon problems:

    Amazon has had what Bezos characterizes in technical terms as ‘glitches’ since 01 September, most notably with keeping track of authors sales.

    A dialogue thread entitled ‘Are Your Sales Reporting Normally now?’ started by Tasha Harrison, author, has now received over FORTH-THREE THOUSAND hits – most of them from eBook authors who are losing significant market share from what Amazon Service Reps are calling ‘technical probems’. 2 weeks ago the ‘Buy Button’ disappeared on thousands of books; 15th of the month sales tallies were two days late, defying contractual terms Amazon has with its kdp eBook authors, and on and on.

    Need/Want more information on the Amazon ‘glitches’ issues: ~Emily Hill~

  2. Eon Puzzle

    Kickstarter is a good platform, as far as is known to this writer. However, the IndieGoGo platform is substantially more user-friendly with regard to payments (unlike Kickstarter, IndieGoGo is not restricted by the Amazon payments requirement). The benefit of these platforms notwithstanding, Eon Puzzle is seeking the crowd without either of these platforms. View the video on the Eon Puzzle website.

  3. Steve Blentlinger

    @kickstarter should switch to @Paylinegiving for their payment processing. They have backup systems built in so this wouldn’t happen again plus Kickstarter could give back to deserving non-profits with all of their success.

  4. We are having the same problem with our project we just started two days ago, no one is able to make a pledge to it ever since the start. People receive an error message right before they are forwarded to the amazon login page.
    However, if I use my account to try to back another project, everything is fine. So our problem seems kickstarter account related, and I wonder if for other people it may be the same problem? Their support isn’t responding yet about it.