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MightyText brings SMS to the tablet, passes 1M users

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In the five months since it came out of its not-so-private beta, MightyText has seen interest in its PC-to-Android(s goog) smartphone SMS synchronization service surge. It’s nearly quintupled its user base from 250,000 to 1.2 million and is on pace to deliver 4 billion messages this year. MightyText, however, isn’t stopping at the PC. On Wednesday it launched a new beta Android tablet app, which allows customers to turn their Kindle Fires(s amzn) and Nexus 7 tablets in to texting devices.

MightyText isn’t your typically over-the-top messaging startup. Rather than cannibalize operator SMS services by launching its own texting app like WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger(s rimm), or Apple’s iMessage(s aapl), MightyText rides over the SMS client on an Android smartphone, using the device’s data connection to almost instantly replicate every message sent or received on the PC through a browser extension. Ultimately, MightyText is acting as an SMS proxy, not a replacement.

Users have been able to text from their tablets as well, but only through an open browser window, which led to an onslaught of requests for MightyText to develop a dedicated Android tablet SMS client, MightyText CEO Maneesh Arora said. The beta app is private so you won’t find it on Google Play, but new users registering for MightyText on its website will get access, while existing users can contact the company directly via email to request a download link, Arora said.

MightyText has also polished up its interface, introducing a new PowerView mode in the browser that shows all recent SMS conversation as open threads on one screen. It also introduced a handy battery monitoring feature that shows the current power levels of your phone on the PC.

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