Vimeo gets pay-per-view: six movies available for pre-launch test


Credit: Pulse Films

Vimeo (s IAC) took a first step towards pay-per-view Tuesday with the roll-out of a limited slate of six paid-streaming titles. The movies, which include We Are Legion: The Story of Hacktivists as well as the LCD Soundsystem concert movie Shut Up and Play the Hits are meant to preview different features that will be available to all content producers once Vimeo rolls out pay-per-view in earnest early next year.

Some of the titles are available for up to two months of viewing, while others offer access to extra content. Vimeo also offers content producers regional restrictions as well as flexible pricing. Consumers are able to watch the films on PCs, iPads, mobile phones and a number of connected devices, including Apple (s AAPL) TV, Boxee and Roku.

Vimeo first announced pay-per-view as an additional monetization option in September, when it also rolled out tip jars for content producers. It’s not the only video site offering pay-per-view: YouTube (s GOOG) has been offering select partners the option to charge for their streams for some time.



Content production is now in everyone’s hands, most definitely for video. Vimeo is a good additional outlet to all to monetize their content, not just those that can broker huge content deals with the better know entities.


Is Vimeo trying to become a competitor in the online video streaming market? People love their Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, so they are really going to have to add something special to stand out in the crowd.

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