Tabbedout lets restaurant owners get personal with customers

One of the great benefits of mobile payments is that they make transactions smarter. Consumers can get better insight into how their money is being used and can access offers and deals to save on their purchases. And merchants receive a lot of data that lets them better serve customers and understand what they want.

Tabbedout, a mobile payment system for restaurants and bars, is now upgrading its system with customer relationship management tools that helps merchants understand who’s walking in the door and helps them treat customers better. Now, when a customer opens a tab through the Tabbedout mobile app, restaurant owners can see if he is a new customer or a regular, how much he normally spends and what he prefers to order.

Merchants can also receive direct feedback from customers through the Tabbedout app. That allows them to respond directly to a customer or offer a special coupon to thank him or soothe him after a bad visit. And with the new CRM tools, Tabbedout merchants can also segment and target their users. Merchants can send an offer as a reward for a loyal customer or entice a new customer to come back and get back data on how many offers are actually redeemed.

TabbedoutThese tools are important because restaurants typically don’t have a lot of great insight into their customers. Now, they can treat more of them like regulars and shower them with personal attention. That’s something that Jack Dorsey has talked about with mobile payment system Square, which he says can help facilitate more human interaction.

For Tabbedout, it’s also important because the mobile payment system actually limits customer interaction during the checkout process. Since customers are able to checkout without having to wave down a waiter to request and pay for the check, restaurants have fewer chances to leave a good impression at the end of a visit. But if a waiter or manager has more data up front, they can use it early during a visit to make customers feel at home.

Austin, TX-based Tabbedout, which integrated with T.G.I.Fridays’s app in April and released an SDK in September, continues to impress me and I’m hoping that it can grow its footprint across the country. It is currently available in more than 1,000 locations.

As I’ve written before, the act of just paying my bill at a restaurant is often a hellish exercise in repeatedly trying to grab my waiter. Allowing me to check out automatically on my own timing makes the experience a lot better. But now with better CRM tools, Tabbedout is giving merchants more reasons to adopt the payment system, beyond just saving customers some aggravation and time.