Last week on GigaOM Pro: crowd labor, mobile tech in politics, and more


In addition to surviving one of the most divisive elections in recent history, we just wrapped up GigaOM’s conference season with this week’s successful (and totally sold out!) GigaOM RoadMap. If you weren’t able to join us in San Francisco on Monday, our editorial team has done a fantastic event wrap-up, highlighting each of the day’s talks and panels. Over on GigaOM Pro, our analysts shared their own perspective on the conference, as well as research on the crowd labor market, the increasing importance of mobile technology in politics, and more.

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Cleantech: 4 takeaways from GigaOM RoadMap 2012
Adam Lesser

If you couldn’t make it to GigaOM RoadMap this week, hopefully you were able to follow along with our live stream and blog coverage. Pro analyst Adam Lesser focused on four major themes from the conference as well as the workshops that occurred throughout the day. He’s compressed them all into this succinct, thorough summary.

Cloud: Real-­time query for Hadoop democratizes access to big data analytics 
George Gilbert

Hadoop is a major name in the big data realm, but has often remained in the rarefied realm of data scientists and other specialists. However, real-time query is now making Hadoop accessible to many more users than ever before. Pro analyst George Gilbert takes a detailed look at what this means for the business intelligence market — and specifically how a unified platform for big data analytics could benefit and change the big data ecosystem.

Mobile: The business of mobile democracy
Shannon Arvizu

Now that the furor over election day has passed, we can refocus on the realization that “the mobile disruption of the political-campaign market has only just begun.” While the big data strategies and resources used by both the Obama and Romney camps received a lot of press over the past year, Pro analyst Shannon Arvizu instead takes a look at the role of mobile in campaign strategy — and success. During the 2012 election cycle, mobile has played an ever-increasing role in fundraising, as an organizing tool, and as a key engagement tool. But most importantly, this is just the beginning – Arvizu is already looking ahead to what mobile democracy can do in 2016.

Social: Sector RoadMap: crowd labor platforms in 2012
Joseph Turian

While startups like Taskrabbit and Exec have received press for their services — which enable individual users to outsource errands and odd jobs to a vetted crew of on-call assistants — crowd labor (“outsourced information work that can be provisioned automatically”) has maintained a decidedly lower profile. Most GigaOM readers are familiar with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, but the crowd labor ecosystem extends to many other offerings and types of work. Pro analyst Joseph Turian employs the Sector RoadMap methodology – GigaOM Pro’s newest type of ecosystem analysis and research content – to generate his analysis of this rapidly-evolving marketplace.

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