Nokia’s Berlin billboard: “Everyone loves a comeback.”


One of our Team GigaOM folks snapped this picture of a massive Nokia(s nok) billboard in Berlin last month that suggests the company is on the comeback trail. That’s an inspiring message, but I haven’t yet seen the billboard that tells us when the comeback begins. OK, I’m being facetious, and you can’t say Nokia hasn’t been trying during its difficult transition from Symbian to Windows Phone(s msft).

Nokia billboard in Berlin

At this point, Nokia’s success is tied directly to that of Microsoft and the Windows Phone 8 platform. Both companies have to convince current smartphone owners that Windows Phone 8 has more to offer than iOS(s AAPL) or Android(s GOOG). The other group — first time smartphone owners — is the other area of opportunity, but with the mindset that there are really only two horses in this race right now, that road is going to be a tough one as well. I’m still hopeful that Windows 8 sales help drive consumers to the commonly shared interface on Windows Phone 8, but I’ve seen little evidence yet of that situation playing out so far.

Thanks much to Connie Hwong, our GigaOM community manager, for snapping and sharing the pic!



can’t agree more, it’d have been quite clever if it really looks like a comeback, but right now, my reaction is like …er……what comeback?


It says everyone loves a comeback. It doesn’t say Nokia is making a comeback. This is very careful wording.


People usually take 1 and 1 make pizza. You can make zero as you wish.


Well, you’re absolutely right.
They know that the so called “come back” is not going to happen when they killed MeeGo/Meltemi, Symbian, N9/N950 and tablets.. They are aware of their slow dieing after losing billions of dollars under the command of MS slave “elop”.. I think that come back refers to restaurant at the end of the street maybe! Perhaps they offer some free pizzas! Lol
Kick out this elop ! Nokia’s vanishing! Shareholdera?

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