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Kickstarter launches are up 50% in the last six months [charts]

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Kickstarter has taken a bit of heat lately for entrepreneuers not delivering on their projects, but the number of Kickstarter launches continues to climb. It’s up 50 percent, to over 76,909, in the last six months. Film and video remains the most popular category, with more than 21,000 launched projects, or 27% of the total launches in Kickstarter’s 3 1/2 -year history. The games category, meanwhile, has seen a big increase in launches, according to the site’s data.

Buoyed by Double Fine Adventure, which earlier this year received $1 million in just one day, the games category went from the eighth most funded to the second most funded ($75 million) in less than a year.

But more launches doesn’t mean more successes—that rate has held at about 44 % for the site overall, according to Kickstarter spokesman Justin Kazmark. Film and video, the most common Kickstarter category, is the seventh most likely category to be successfully funded. (Note: Kickstarter only consider projects that are completely funded to be successes.)

And some categories fare better than others.

While dance has the fewest launches, it has the highest success rate at 70 percent.

Kickstarters range in price from under a thousand dollars to over a million dollars, with the median funding in the $1,000 to $9,999 range.

Kickstarter’s co-founder Perry Chen spoke at our Roadmap conference earlier this week — he answered questions about a possible IPO and other topics.

Here’s video of Kickstarter co-founder and CEO Perry Chen speaking at Roadmap 2012 last week.

4 Responses to “Kickstarter launches are up 50% in the last six months [charts]”

  1. Jason Love

    I imagine Dance tends to ask for less money than a lot of the others because costs usually include renting space, costumes, etc. while a lot of the others have to include manufacturing and production. I have been performing as a magician for years and want to get into creation comic books. The problem being I can become a magician for under $100, but to print comic books is going to cost me around $1,000.

    -Jason Love, blogging at