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Where to watch the 2012 presidential election live online

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Millions of people all over the U.S. will flock to the polls Tuesday to make their vote count; and later, everyone will be glued to the screen to find out how the country has voted. Pretty much all the big news organizations are streaming their live coverage online, so you don’t need to have cable — or you can watch multiple feeds at the same time — to see who is calling which state first.

Check out our ultimate guide to watching the elections online below:

We will update this list frequently until Tuesday night, so check back often – and feel free to leave any additional links in the comments!

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Image courtesy of Flickr user League of Women Voters of California.

15 Responses to “Where to watch the 2012 presidential election live online”

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  2. mobile jones

    Janko, you missed the most important live stream. For the 1st time ever, The Daily Show and The Colbert Report will be streamed live on starting at 8PM. Who could miss John Stewart and Steven Colbert on election night? Not me.

  3. Watch it on – all the comfort and entertainment of a Tv channel, but programmed by all the good uptodate stuff from twitter facebook and youtube – friends, politicians, analysts, celebrities and voters. Check it!