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PayPal offers price matching, free return shipping for the holidays

PayPal (s ebay) is getting even more aggressive in courting consumers with the rollout of new holiday promotions for cost-conscious shoppers. Now, consumers can get price-matching, free return shipping and six-month financing on purchases online or in-store through the end of the year.

When a purchased product is advertised for less by any merchant within 30 days, consumers who pay with PayPal can get reimbursed the difference. They need to fill out a request and submit a copy of their receipt and the advertisement to get reimburse. Users can get up to $1,000 in total price matching through Dec. 31  and up to $250 on any one item. This applies to airline tickets that go on sale within seven days.

PayPal is also offering free return shipping on products. Consumers who file a claim will get a pre-paid shipping label within five days or they’ll get a refund in their PayPal account for the shipping costs. Free return shipping is limited to $100 during the promotion period or $25 for each item. And PayPal is also promoting its six-months free financing for purchases over $99 through Bill Me Later, which was offered to small businesses for the first time last month. You can get more information on the promotions here.

The deals highlight how PayPal is able to lure in more users by flexing its financial muscles. By giving people the protections and services they might see from Amazon, big retailers or a credit card, PayPal is able to become a more popular tool for payments and shopping.

The promotions are limited to this holiday season and could be costly in the short term. But if they can drive more sales and make consumers more loyal to PayPal, I wouldn’t be surprised if PayPal turns to these kinds of services throughout the year. This also provides a lift to PayPal’s in-store payment system, which is rolling out to big retailers like The Home Depot(S HD), Abercrombie & Fitch and Jos. A Bank.

9 Responses to “PayPal offers price matching, free return shipping for the holidays”

  1. I’m still waiting for a label after 7 days and 2 calls to paypal. I’m just going to have to suck it up and send the stuff back on my own dime. Free return shipping was too good to be true. Don’t trust paypal to honor this deal.

  2. Good luck getting the third party company PayPal contracted with to provide this service to honor the shipping label request. I’m on my sixth business day since filing, maximum is supposed to be five business days, after three calls to verify that all the correct materials had been received to qualify for the shipping label (I was assured they had in each phone conversation, but was told to simply wait longer), I received an email saying that the day I submitted the materials their system had problems, but is now fixed. I was to resubmit materials and wait another three business days for the label. Upon follow-up calls to the third party, nothing could be done to verify that the new submission would result in a shipping label, and there is not way to offer a direct refund of shipping costs. I contacted PayPal themselves to report the problems I had with their third party contractor, they followed up and reported to me that the label had been, in fact, should have been sent to me, but that I needed to add a UPS email address to my contacts in order to receive it. No email from ups was found in my junk or spam folder. Furthermore, why would I have received notification asking me to resubmit (because of system problems) if the process should have worked? In the end, I can’t wait another three business days to make my return, so I’m paying out of pocket –– I guess their scam promotion worked on me. I believe the third party is simply providing poor service and/or lying and manipulating to cover up for it.

    • Same thing with me, I am stuck, no where else to go. The benefit administrator won’t give me a label and my return window closes Thursday. I am going to be out the money to send the item back when it should have been covered. I got the same email about the problem with the form the day I applied and promptly sent the requested information over a week ago, with no response. I have been trying to get the label since 11/13/2012.