No quick fixes for Apple Maps and Siri


CNET takes a hard look at Apple’s big front office shakeup that occurred earlier this week and asks whether Eddy Cue can fix Apple Maps and Siri. Calling the iTunes boss “Apple’s master negotiator and product resuscitator,” CNET notes that Cue kept iTunes intact when record labels began to balk and helped reshape the struggling MobileMe into iCloud.

I don’t doubt Cue’s abilities; his brilliance has long been apparent in a front office where brilliance is the norm. But nobody should be expecting any quick fixes for Apple’s two most troubled mobile products. Building a great maps offering is a long and costly endeavor — just ask Google or Nokia, both of whom spent years and countless sums creating top-notch solutions. And Siri isn’t really any more flawed than any other mobile voice-recognition product, it simply was over-hyped out of the gate thanks in large part to Apple’s marketing.

Cue may be best person for the job here, but that doesn’t mean that he’ll come up with any substantial improvements overnight. Investors understand that, which is part of the reason Apple shares tumbled this morning after the market opened for the first time this week.

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