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HP & the next 75 years.

“We are reinventing the company and setting it up to win for the next 75 years.”

HP CEO Meg Whitman speaking at a Gartner conference.

I am all for bold statements, but if recent history and changes in technology industry are any indication, HP management & board doesn’t have the stomach to do what is necessary. The cloud’s impact on server and desktop sales is pretty profound. People want to buy devices that are not PCs and HP (s HWP) as a company has flip-flopped on mobile so often that it is hard to take it seriously.

2 Responses to “HP & the next 75 years.”

  1. John Dickenson

    There’s also the quality of the people involved. Just compare the executives HP has on their cloud team and compare that with Amazon! HP’s CTO for cloud can’t tell Php from Python…how do you expect customers to take them seriously.