Boxee lands exclusive Walmart distribution deal for its Boxee TV device


Boxee’s new Boxee TV devices is going to be exclusively distributed by Walmart (s WMT). The retail giant will start selling Boxee TV devices for $98 later this week, according to a Bloomberg report. This will give Boxee an immediate retail footprint of 3000 stores, which will promote the device with display stations and additional marketing.

Boxee TV is Boxee’s second major hardware initiative after the introduction of its original Boxee Box two years ago. The new device, which was introduced earlier this month, comes with a few apps for services like Netflix, (s NFLX) Pandora (s P) as well as the Walmart-owned Vudu video-on-demand service, and combines those with free over-the-air content that is being accessed via a built-in dual tuner.

Owners of the device will also be able to use it as a DVR, with a twist: Recordings aren’t stored locally, but uploaded to a cloud service that promises unlimited storage. This “No Limits DVR” service will cost consumers $15 per month, and will initially only be available in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia and D.C. Boxee has said that it wants to expand the service to additional markets in 2013.

Boxee TV is significantly cheaper than the original Boxee Box, which initially sold for a whopping $250 $199. This is in part because Boxee TV isn’t based on an Intel CPU, as it was the case with the Boxee Box. The new device instead uses the Broadcom BCM7231 chipset, which is significantly cheaper. One downside is that the new Boxee TV device will support slightly fewer codecs for local media playback than the original Boxee Box.



Hi Janko,

When will you be reviewing the new Boxee TV, could you please put an emphasis on how good the antenna is, for capturing live over-the-air tv channels.


Peter CordCutter

The antenna is good but it depends on what channels you want to get. I am in the DC/Baltimore market have to position a cheap GE antenna just right to get all the channels. You have rescan every time, you cannot add channels one at a time.

I am using the DVR to record the movie Rudy on NBC tonight as a test.

Peter CordCutter

I just found out there is Thre is no Closed Caption option in the TV.


“Boxee TV is significantly cheaper than the original Boxee Box, which initially sold for a whopping $250.”

Not sure where that was. I bought the Boxee Box on launch day for $199 at BestBuy in Canada (and it was the same price in the US on Amazon). It later dropped to $189.


“Boxee TV is significantly cheaper than the original Boxee Box, which initially sold for a whopping $250.”

Why doesn’t this article mention the price of the new Boxee TV at all?

Benjamin Sell

The article should also mention how different the product and its capabilities are. Price comparisons are irrelevant.

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