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Netflix viewing up 20% as people stay home to wait out Sandy

East Coasters are apparently watching a lot of Netflix (s NFLX) as they’re trying to wait out Hurricane Sandy. A Netflix spokesperson just sent us the following stat:

“We currently see about 20% more streaming compared to last Monday. A lot of it is coming from the East Coast with New York City, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore showing a lot of activity on Netflix. Initially we saw a lot of kids titles being watched, a sign that the kids are staying home from school. We’re glad we can provide people some great entertainment while they’re hunkered down for the storm and hope everyone stays safe.”

Now let’s hope everyone’s electricity stays on so you can finally finish that Arrested Development marathon. Seriously, please stay inside if you are in a non-evacuation zone  – and check our list of ways to track the hurricane online if you’re getting bored of Netflix.

3 Responses to “Netflix viewing up 20% as people stay home to wait out Sandy”

    • Exactly!!!!! Neflix is so full of &%&%. That’s like in their financials they reported only a 14% increase in content spend internationally. Woops that was a typo 1 week later that was suppose to be 348% increase. Netflix said it was a typo but woops it shows up two different spots. The odds of having the exact miss key stroke are astronomical