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This week in cleantech: next-gen batteries and the importance of design

We’ve got a lot of great stuff for cleantech-watchers on GigaOM Pro (our subscription research service) this week. First up:

  • Over the next decade the advanced-battery industry will witness broad approaches to technology and project development. To date significant resources have been allocated by various stakeholders including the United States government, which currently has 39 different battery- and energy-storage-related research programs. Learn about this market in our in-depth report on next-gen batteries (subscription required).
  • When it comes to consumer products and cleantech, the two companies that have distinguished themselves over the past few years are smart thermostat maker Nest and electric vehicle pioneer Tesla. So as we ready for GigaOM’s Roadmap Conference, which is devoted to connected design this year and will feature Nest founder Tony Fadell and Tesla’s retail experience head George Blankenship (both are ex-Apple), it’s worth stopping to consider why Nest and Tesla are having signs of early success. . . . read the rest of GigaOM Pro cleantech analyst Adam Lesser’s column on The intersection of cleantech and great design (free to non-subscribers).
  • The third quarter in cleantech brought into focus the successes and challenges of more-mature companies like Tesla, Airbnb, and Zipcar. It also highlighted energy challenges in India and China. Check out the Cleantech third quarter 2012 analysis and outlook (subscription required).

As well as Adam’s blog posts (free to non-subscribers):

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