Microsoft launches Windows 8: Here’s our live blog from NYC


Microsoft is holding an New York City event to debut Windows 8 and we’re on-site ready for the show. The new operating system, along with a version called Windows RT for tablets, is a bold strategy for Microsoft as Google (s GOOG), Apple (s aapl) and others are gaining mindshare if not market share. My hope is that Microsoft offers a message today that provides compelling reasons to consider — or for some, reconsider — Windows as a platform and ecosystem. Stay tuned as the live blog is updated once the event begins!


Doug Elliot

I was impressed by the presentation, and with the product, it oozes quality. I will wait for the full version on my next laptop.

Alejandro Ortiz

Wow….Microsoft presentation demos look like crap ……very copied from Apple…..Apple’s product are some much better …..and reliable……. Once again Microsoft miss it by 3 years…..


Is it just me, or does this demo look like the Home Shopping Network?


Yes it does and I will say what no one else wants to say;

It’s a sad day for Windows and its a sad day for Microsoft. RIP Win 8

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