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Poll: Buying an iPad mini, even if you have an iPad?

It’s official: Apple introduced the iPad mini on Tuesday, with a starting price of $329 for the 16 GB Wi-Fi model. That’s a $170 savings over a full-sized iPad with the same storage and connectivity options, so Apple(s aapl) is sure to attract some buyers that can’t quite afford the $499 iPad. Why not, when the iPad mini can run all of the same iPad apps, just on a 7.9-inch smaller screen with 1024 x 768 resolution?

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But what about those who already purchased one — or more — of the 100 million iPads that Apple has already sold? I’m part of that crowd even though I actually prefer a smaller slate; that’s why I have a Google Nexus 7(s goog), for example. Now I’m on the fence and I’m wondering if others are too.

Both the iPad and iPad mini run the same apps, have FaceTime cameras and support iCloud, of course. So is there a need to have both – say the larger one for use at home and the smaller one to take out and about?

For me, it all comes to the use cases and scenarios where I use my slates. My iPad rarely leaves home as I typically take a smaller tablet or a larger phone with me when walking out the door. Maybe I’m not a good example though, so here’s a poll on the iPad mini. Are you buying one, and if so, do you also have an iPad that you’ll keep or sell?

19 Responses to “Poll: Buying an iPad mini, even if you have an iPad?”

  1. I am considering selling my IPad 2 and my IPhone 4S and replacing both with an IPad Mini – my thinking is with LTE I can get great reception using Skype and texting won’t really be an issue as most of my friends/colleagues have ios devices so we can text with iMessage. I live in Canada and our cell plan prices are atrocious so any way I can substantially cut my phone costs is a bonus. I wonder how many people will consider doing the same thing.

  2. Kindroid

    iPad Mini. 2007 iPhone screen resolution with a 2 year old iPad 2 internals for $ 130 premium over a similar Nexus 7. The hubris of Apple has never been greater. Yammering for months about inferior devices screen resolution and how necessary Retina display is and then this…………lame excuse for a premium tablet. If Steve Jobs doesn’t come back and haunt Apple management….that’s proof enough for me that ghosts don’t exist.

  3. I’m still using a first-generation iPad so an iPad Mini could be a good upgrade since I’m on a tight budget. Then I would be able to get to iOS 6, something I can’t do with my current iPad.

  4. Unfortunately, my budget does not match up with my several use-case scenarios. Therefore I am undecided but am thinking about, in no particular order, the iPad Mini, a refurbed iPad, a Chromebook, or a Nexus 7. Dark horses for my $$ include Windows RT or a MacBook Air (probably refurbed). In the meanwhile, my iPod Touch (last generation) and StraightTalk phone will have to suffice. I think I will wait at least until Kevin gets his hands on an iPad mini before I decide.

  5. Nicholas Paredes

    I will be buying one simply to look at new educational publishing scenarios. I do get to see if I have a preference for the device profile, but my bet is that the larger iPad will win.