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Hello, again! It’s been a little over a month since we live-blogged Apple’s introduction of the iPhone 5 in San Francisco. Turns out, Apple has a little bit more up its sleeve. At 10 a.m. PT today Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to take the stage of the California Theater in downtown San Jose, Calif.

Apple iPad Mini event photoWe anticipate that over the course of an hour or so Cook and a variety of other Apple executives will introduce us to the rest of the company’s holiday product lineup. The star of the show, of course, is expected to be a smaller iPad. But that’s not all: the Mac is also set to play a role in the events as well.

Om Malik and I will be bringing you live updates and photos of the event as it unfolds. We’ll kick things off a bit before the event started at 10 a.m. PT, so please join us below.

In a rare move, Apple will also be live-streaming the event from San Jose: as long as you own an Apple product. Owners of iOS devices running version 4.2 or later or Mac OS X 10.6 users running Safari 4 will be able to watch the event, as well as some Apple TV users, according to a webpage released by Apple early Tuesday morning.

In the meantime, here’s a preview of the event.

Here’s what has been announced so far:

  • A new version of iBooks. It has continuous scrolling, and works better with iCloud.
  • A 13-inch MacBook Pro with the Retina display, which Apple introduced earlier this year in a 15-inch version. It’s thinner and lighter than the current 13-inch MacBook Pro, and costs $1,699. It’s available today.
  • A new iMac. It has a much thinner display than the current iMac version, and will come in 21-inch and 27-inch versions for $1,299 and $1,799, respectively. They’ll be available in December.
  • A fourth-generation iPad. It has a faster processor and will work on Sprint’s 4G LTE network. It’s the same size as the original iPad, and costs $499, just like the current-generation models.
  • The iPad mini. We’re a little surprised they chose that name, but hey. It has a 7.9-inch screen and a 1024 by 768 pixel display. It’s a Wi-Fi only device, starting at $329 for a 16GB version, and cellular-network versions will also be available.
Erica Ogg October 23, 201211:13 am

Thanks everyone so much for joining us! We’ll have more analysis of today’s news throughout the day.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201211:13 am

And now he’s thanking us. That’s it. There’s a hands-on area upstairs for us to see the products, which we’re off to next.

Tom Krazit October 23, 201211:12 am

Erica Ogg October 23, 201211:12 am

With all of these new products, applications and cloud services, this has been “truly a prolific year of innovation for Apple,” Cook tells us. “We hope you love these products as much as you like creating them.” He thanks the employees at Apple that made these products.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201211:10 am

Seems like this is wrapping up pretty soon.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201211:10 am

He’s reviewing the major releases of this year again.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201211:09 am

Cook comes back on stage. “This is very cool,” he tells us.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201211:08 am

Now we’re getting a glimpse of the first ad for the iPad mini. It’s short but gets a big round of applause.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201211:08 am

Preorders begin Oct. 26.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201211:07 am

32GB is $429 64GB is $529. With Cellular option is more. Sorry the prices went by too quickly to see. They start shipping the WIFi models first, to a long list of countries on Nov. 2. Two weeks later the cellular versions will start.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201211:06 am

Schiller comes back to the stage. Starts with 16GB, WiFi only starts at $329.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201211:04 am

It went by really quickly in the video, but the mini also has its own smaller version of the Smart Cover.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201211:03 am

If we’d just “reduced the iPad you’d be aware of what’s missing,” Ive says on video. This is a “concentration of, not a reduction of” the larger iPad, which is how they settled on the size.

Tom Krazit October 23, 201211:01 am

Erica Ogg October 23, 201211:01 am

And here we get another marketing video. It’s Jony Ive talking about making the iPad smaller.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201211:01 am

The tag line they’re using is “it’s every inch an iPad.”

Erica Ogg October 23, 201211:00 am

Has same expanded LTE wirless as introduced in the 4th gen iPad today. Faster WiFi, has Lightning connector, and 10-hour battery life.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201211:00 am

Technology inside is equal to or better than the iPad, he says. It has an A5 chip, a FaceTime HD camera on the front, 5 megapixel iSight camera on front

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:58 am

They have phone apps stretched up, not tablet apps, Schiller says, of the competition. He’s showing us Yelp, eBay, Pandora and how they look on other tablets versus iPad mini.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:58 am

The screen resolution is 1024 by 768. All software created on iPad will work on iPad mini in portrait and landscape.

Others have tried to make tablets small on and they’ve failed. Why? He compares an Android tablet.

It has a 7.9 inch screen compared to 7.1 diagonal of the Android. He says that amounts to 35 percent larger display area. What do people do on a tablet? They surf the web.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:57 am

It’s 7.2 mm thick, or as thin as a pencil, he says. It weighs .68 pounds, which he compares to a pad of paper. Comes in black and white.

Tom Krazit October 23, 201210:57 am

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:52 am

Schiller brings one out on stage, and holds it up in one hand.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:51 am

What can you do with an iPad mini? You can hold it in one hand. “This is not just a shrunken down iPhone.”

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:51 am

The name: iPad mini.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:51 am

And the smaller iPad appears on screen.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:50 am

The 4th generation iPad starts at same price 16Gb wifi only for $499. Same pricing scheme as 3rd gen iPad.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:49 am

And yep, it has a Lightning connector like the new iPhone and iPods.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:49 am

It’ll work on Sprint LTE here in the U.S., he says.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:49 am

Twice as fast processor, 10 hour battery life, FaceTime HD 720p camera, and better LTE radio that works with more global carriers.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:48 am

Just a half year later we’re talking about the 4th generation iPad, Schiller says. It has an A6x chip for faster performance. “We’re so far ahead of the competition, I can’t even see them in the rearview mirror,” Schiller says.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:47 am

“We’re just getting started” with iPad, he says. New iPad is the fastest-selling iPad ever, but “we’re not taking our foot off the gas,” he says. Schiller’s back out to talk about what’s next.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:46 am

Onto businesses: 94 percent of Fortune 500 companies using iPads, he says.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:45 am

There’s a new version of iBooks Author: can do a portrait only book if you want, more customization options for publishers, can insert mathematical expressions. It’s ready for download today, for free.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:44 am

There are 2,500 U.S. classrooms that use iBooks textbooks.

Tom Krazit October 23, 201210:44 am

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:43 am

He’s reviewing iBooks for schools. He says they’re available for 80 percent of U.S. curriculum.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:42 am

One of the things that’s ‘so rewarding and so amazing to us is how quickly iPad has been embraced by education,” Cook says.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:41 am

Now he’s running through the features of the iPad.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:40 am

IN just 2.5 years, this is “unprecedented in a new category,” he says. Everyday it seems like there’s another tablet shipping, he says. But who is using them? iPad accounts for 90 percent of web traffic on tablets.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:39 am

Two weeks ago Apple sold its 100 millionth iPad, he says.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:39 am

Next, I’d like to talk about iPad, Cook tells us.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:38 am

That’s it for Macs. Here comes Cook back to the stage.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:38 am

The basic 21.5 iMac starts at $1299. Starts shipping in Nov. The 27 inch starts at $1799, doesn’t ship until December.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:37 am

“For those who are stuck in the past we do offer an optical drive,” Schiller says. (Seperately)

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:37 am

Fusion drive gets “near the performance of flash” while accessing the HDD level of storage, he says.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:36 am

All you software that comes with the iMac fits on the flash portion. Your apps will go on the hard drive part. Mountain Lion will figure out what you use the most. If you tend to use iPhoto a lot for instance, it’ll be moved over to the flash drive or to the HDD.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:35 am

New hard drive option: Apple Fusion Drive. 128GB of flash storage. ON top of that you can add a 1Tb or 3TB hard drive. They’re fused together into one volume. It’s built into Mountain Lion so you don’t have to worry about managing the Fusion Drive.

Tom Krazit October 23, 201210:34 am

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:34 am

It has four USB 3.0 ports, two Thunderbolt and gigabit Ethernet ports.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:34 am

It also has a FaceTime camera, dual mics, and weighs 8 pounds lighter. For those of you who are constantly transporting your iMac, that’s good news I guess?

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:33 am

The laminating process is called “Plasma deposition process” and he claims the display has 75 percent less reflection.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:32 am

Schiller’s explaining the process: They made it thinner by taking out a 2 mm air gap between the display and the glass, and have laminated the display to the glass. Also had to reengineer the internal components to shrink everything down. Comes in 21.5 and 27 inch models.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:31 am

It’s 5 mm thick, he says. All the way around. They used a new technique called friction stir welding to meld the aluminum backing and the display together and keep it thin.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:29 am

Schiller unveils a new iMac from under a black cloth on stage. It has edge to edge glass (no bezel) glass on the display.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:28 am

The New IMac slides up on the screen…it’s, uh, thin. Really really thin. Lots of applause.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:28 am

iMac is coming up next. Schiller reminds us of the original Bondi blue iMac. He shows us how the iMac has evolved over the years since, seven generations.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:27 am

New Mac mini: dual or quad core Ivy Bridge processors, WiFi, Bluetooth, up to 1TB hard drive or 256GB flash memory. But it starts at $599 wit 4GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive. Starts shipping today.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:25 am

Next up: Mac mini. “You knew there’d be something called mini in this presentation,” Schiller jokes.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:25 am

The older MacBook Pro is hanging around. Still starts at $1199.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:24 am

Aaaand time for another video. This is the ad for the new 13-inch Retina Macbook.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:23 am

Price: starts at $1699 with 128GB flash, 8GB RAM, 2.5 Ghz dual-core i5 processor. And hey, you can buy it today.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:22 am

It also has a FaceTime HD camera, dual mics, backlit keyboard. Now he’s showing us the inside: he is showing us the layout of the battery (which is 7 hours), and the Intel HD Graphics card, and Ivy Bridge processor.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:20 am

Now he’s sort of repeating the same presentation we got in June with the introduction of the 15-inch MBP with Retina display, talking up how good photos look, how much better it is to surf the web etc.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:19 am

It has 4.96 million pixels, he says. More than any 15 or 17 inch notebook from other companies, according to Schiller.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:18 am

And yes, it has a Retina display.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:17 am

Yes, there is a new 13-inch MacBook Pro. It’s 20 percent thinner than the previous version, he says. And weighs a pound lighter (3.5 pounds) than the previous 13-inch MB Pro.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:16 am

Schiller is going over the reviews of the MacBook Pro with Retina display. Good reviews. But he says the 13-inch MacBook Pro is actually the company’s best-selling computer.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:15 am

“We’re pleased with the momentum, but we’re not standing still,” he says. Now here comes SVP of Marketing Phil Schiller to talk new Macs.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:14 am

Cook gets lots of applause when he says Apple makes “the No. 1 desktop in the U.S. and No. 1 notebook in the U.S.”

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:13 am

It’s available today in the App Store, he says. And that’s it for iBooks. Now we’re on to the Mac.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:13 am

It’s also better integrated with iCloud so you can easily pick back up in your book where you were on any device. Can also highlight and tap to share on Facebook or Twitter. New languages too. He’s showing us what iBooks looks like in Korean, Chinese and Japanese.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:12 am

OK finally a new product: a new version of ibooks today. New reading option: continuous scrolling.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:12 am

OK now we’re talking iBooks. (And, yes, more numbers.) There are 1.5 million books in the iBookstore, and there have been 400 million downloads so far.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:10 am

$6.5 billion has been paid out to developers who sell apps through the App Store, he says.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:10 am

App Store update: 275,000 iPad apps now. “Not stretched-out smartphone apps,” he says. Overall, Apple has hit 35 billion app downloads so far. “This is jaw-dropping,” Cook tells us.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:08 am

More numbers: 300 billion iMessages have been sent, or 28,000 per second.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:07 am

Now Cook is emphasizing how iOS 6 integrates with OS X Mountain Lion. Documents in the Cloud, he says is off to a good start: there are 125 million documents stored in the cloud so far.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:06 am

A month after iOS 6 launched, Cook says 200 million devices are running it already. The fastest upgrade rate “of any software in history — that we’re aware of.”

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:06 am

Now he’s talking about the new iPods introduced last month. He’s going over the company’s favorite reviews of the device. And says they’ve sold 3 million new iPods.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:04 am

And, video’s over. Cook is back.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:04 am

Video summary: a gauzy montage of people waiting in line outside Apple stores all over the world to buy the iPhone 5 last month.

Tom Krazit October 23, 201210:03 am

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:02 am

And from there we go right into marketing video mode. This one’s about Apple retail stores.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:02 am

He says Apple has “fond memories” of the California Theater. So they’re going to make a few more. He starts with iPhone. He repeats the 5 million first weekend sales number that we heard a few weeks ago.

Erica Ogg October 23, 201210:00 am

OK, lights are going down. Music’s ending. Tim Cook takes the stage. Here we go.

Erica Ogg October 23, 20129:57 am

Hey everyone! Om and I are finally seated inside the California Theater, where it’s a packed house. They just let us know that the show is about to start in a few minutes.

Tom Krazit October 23, 20129:51 am

Tom Krazit October 23, 20129:51 am

Erica and Om are heading into the California Theatre in San Jose, and should be up and running shortly. In the meantime, here’s a photo from Om of the crush to get into the event.


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