AT&T Galaxy Note 2 priced at $299, launches Nov. 9


AT&T(s t) will offer an LTE version of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 for $299.99 with contract. Pre-orders for the 5.5-inch Android(s goog) smartphone are expected to begin on Oct. 25 and the device will appear in AT&T retail stores on Nov. 9. Unlike several prior Samsung phones for AT&T’s LTE network, the Galaxy Note 2 will use Samsung’s own quad-core chip to power the handset.

I’ve used the international edition of the Galaxy Note 2 for the past month on AT&T’s network — see my hands-on video here — although my phone doesn’t have an LTE radio. The 5.5-inch display certainly makes for a large device, but Samsung has narrowed the width of the phone over the prior model and it feels good in the hand — once you get used to it. The 8 megapixel camera is quite good and the performance of the phone with Samsung’s 1.6 GHz chip is outstanding; this is perhaps the fastest Android phone I’ve used yet.

AT&T will ship the Galaxy Note 2 with Android 4.1 so the phone will be running the most current version of Google’s operating system right out of the box. The price of $299 may seem high, however, given the performance, capabilities and small tablet-like size of the phone, it’s actually not bad, in my opinion and is the same price that Sprint (s s) is charging for its Galaxy Note 2. Surprisingly, AT&T barely mentions the unique S-Pen, which is much improved and offers more functionality that I expected.

Galaxy Note 2 Air View


Gus Chauriye

If I buy it unlock or unlock the AT&T model (Samsung SGH-I317) .May I upgrade by myself the multi-window view feature , activate the FM radio & any upgrade from Samsung & Google or I need to wait for AT&T upgrades ?


I am buying samsung note 2 outright and use AT&T as my carrier. Question: Can i purchase note2 from Sprint and then use my AT&T sim card to turn on and access lte from note 2



Unless the Sprint version comes with a Sim Card slot, which I doubt it will, then no.


iphone people stay with your iPhone,,it’s too powerful and will make your brain explode,,you guys are going to complain anyway. Here’s something to think about if YOU want a phone that hold your pee pee for you then STAY the ONLY way you will appreciate the POWER OF NOTE 2 and ANDROID is that you are willing to explore the menu and customize the phone so it is your own! Till then UNTIL THEN you will appreciate this phone and say it’s the BEST phone. Most iphone users get culture shock or SHEEP SHOCK then complain i’m going back to iPhone. AGAIN stay with your iphone it will EXPLODE YOUR BRAIN!! don’t come over here and ruin the cool underground people that actually LOVE NOTE 1 ,,,,,,,thumbs up if you agree with this!


Your the idiot. I saw one of these yesterday and they are so sweet they make the iPhone seem like dinosaurs or bad apples. Now how do I switch all tethered music. What a rip.


I just pre-ordered @ BB and they said $299 for the 32gb model. Not sure how accurate that is.


16GB. The only carrier I know that “has” the 32GB is T-Mobile and you need to call them to special order it. Everyone else just has the 16GB for now.

Modris Reinbergs

What I want to know is the price of the 32GB and 64GB Samsung Galaxy Note 2s.


Couple of questions for you. Which carrier is going to have the best monthly rate plans including texts and LTE 4G web? I prefer GSM carriers but if i go with a carrier that uses CDMA, will that hardware of the phone still be compatible to use on GSM with another provider? or is the phone going to only be CDMA or GSM only? Thanks!


OMG! I’m deciding whether to leave the iphone or not! I have the 4 so its totally time for an upgrade what do you guys think?!?


Leave. The iphone 5 is hardly an upgrade and is far behind the latest androids. Check the hardware specs and device capabilities


If I could just get a date from Verizon I would be happy. Especially since the other big 2 have set dates for pre-orders/release.


you say the newest version it isn’t as wide as the current.t note. How much skinnier is it? I actually really like the width of my note. Is is just taller? Hard to believe that AT&T is coming out with it on November ninth and Sprint will have it on October 25th that doesn’t seem fair considering the AT&T was originally the only carrier that had the original note 2 begin with. I am not at all happy that I have to wait another week and a half to get it

samsung baby

Thank you!! I kind of wished that it would come out before other carriers launch, but whatevers.. =P

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