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Apple’s October 2012 lineup of iPads [table]

Apple (s aapl) today announced the long-rumored iPad Mini, along with a number of updates including a 4th generation iPad. Compare the different versions using the table below.

Size Price Memory Chip Connector
iPad Mini 7.9×5.3 inches .68-.69lbs Wi-Fi $329, $429, $529; Wi-Fi + Cellular $459, $559, $659 16, 32, 64GB Dual-core A5 Lightning
 iPad 2 9.50×7.31 inches 1.33-1.35lbs Wi-Fi $399; Wi-Fi + 3G $529 16 GB Dual-core A5 30-Pin
4th-Gen iPad with retina display 9.50×7.31 inches 1.44-1.46lbs Wi-Fi $499. $599, $699; Wi-Fi + Cellular $629, $729, $829 16, 32, 64GB Dual-core A6X with quad-core graphics Lightning

2 Responses to “Apple’s October 2012 lineup of iPads [table]”

  1. Eloquotient

    The iPad Mini is a brilliant strategic move by Apple, especially for shareholders. it puts up a solid wall between the low end tablets that battle in a trench that Apple thankfully stayed out of. Apple would have been pilloried if they had put out a cheap mini, just to compete in the low end of the market: low margins, compromised standards. Now, if any of those low end tablet manufacturers want to go upscale, they’ll first have to leapfrog the mini.
    The mini is a great design that offers a far better product than the low end/small screen tablets and well worth the extra cost.
    This move proves that Cook has what it takes to keep Apple growing and shareholders crowing.