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Sprint launches LTE in Chicago burbs, but not in Chicago

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Sprint’s(s s) rather strange rollout of its new LTE network continues. On Monday, it announced the new 4G network would be available in several of Chicago’s suburbs but not in the city limits of Chicago itself. Sprint also launched the mobile broadband service in New Bedford and Fall River, Mass.; McPherson and Hutchinson, Kan.; and Wichita Falls, Texas.

While most carriers start their new network rollouts in the big cities and then expand outwards, Sprint has launched its LTE network in far more small markets than it has in big metro areas. In fact, Sprint has only gone live in six major cities: Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio in Texas and Kansas City, Atlanta and Baltimore. The rest of its two dozen or so launches have all been in small cities or suburbs.

A lot of activity is going on in the background though. Sprint has said it will have LTE live in 115 markets in the coming months – and not just in small towns and bedroom communities. Boston; Charlotte, N.C.; Chicago; Indianapolis; Los Angeles; Memphis, Tenn.; Miami; Nashville, Tenn.; New Orleans; New York; Philadelphia; and Washington, D.C. are all on the list.

What we’re likely seeing in Chicago is the first stage of a more aggressive metropolitan area rollout. While many of these outlying suburban communities can be covered with a handful of cellsites, building a dense network in downtown Chicago requires a lot more work. Instead of waiting until every tower is ready to launch, Sprint is probably just turning up individual markets as soon as they’re ready – regardless of their size.

It will be interesting to see if much of Chicago proper’s network isn’t already live. So if you have a Sprint LTE phone or modem and live within the confines of the Windy City, we’d love to hear if you’re seeing any 4G signals. Let us know in the comments below.

22 Responses to “Sprint launches LTE in Chicago burbs, but not in Chicago”

  1. I’m with Sprint and in the suburbs of Lisle and north of that in Arlington Heights i’ve gotten blazing fast 4G speeds. I used’s app and here is my result. 30.54Mbps download and 6.35Mbps upload, Arlington Heights. 10.85Mbps download and 12.18Mbps upload, Lisle.

  2. I have an iPhone 5 and I get LTE in in the southwest suburbs orland park/mokena although it is sometimes spotty. Def solid lte signal at O’Hare. Can’t wait for the entire roll out this phone sucks with sprint 3G

  3. I am in Bucktown/Wicker area and have not seen coverage. The reception from 3G on Galaxy S3 has been awful! EVO 4G was way better. I hope greater penetration is coming soon. If you are in downtown Chicao, I would hold off on a 3G/LTE phone until the LTE roll-out has improved.

  4. I live in lakeview and LTE coverage is very spotty, but there are certain parts that have 4G consistenlty. Still very limited though and even some of the 3G coverage isnt that great

  5. I work Bannockburn IL and have a strong LTE signal. And have noticed in some areas I get spotty LTE coverage. In areas like Niles, Morton Grove and Lincolnwood. I hope the bigger roll out happens soon. Kind of sucks having an iphone with 3G service.

  6. I have coverage in many places around the city but never inside Chicago itself. Most places I do have coverage it is spotty and speeds are not consistent either, with download speeds at 2 to 5 Mb and upload speeds are anywhere from 2 to 10 Mb. But in Lake Forest at the Tollway oasis and throughout surrounding areas is over 20 Mb up and down. I hope that is a sign of things to come.

  7. jbchicago

    I have an EVO 4G LTE and saw LTE for the first time yesterday along the border of River Forest and Oak Park (Harlem Ave around Lake St.). Blazing fast! Unfortunately it did not stay around as I traveled East into Oak Park where I live.

    I have experienced horrendous 3G reception on this phone in the city (worse than a dial-up modem) and often times do not have any data signal at all at Fairbanks & Illinois. Really terrible. So I’m anxiously waiting to see when 4G arrives in the city.

  8. Bill Hinostroza

    There are snippets of 4g around the ravenswood area but you mostly won’t have any connection for a long period of time because they are working on it but it’s good to see some progress!

  9. Christian

    I rebooted my Galaxy SIII in 4G LTE mode (you have to actually do that) and it has been getting a 4G signal in many areas on the northside including Lincoln Park, Lakeview, and parts of uptown as well as some of the closer northern suburbs. It’s fast and has been pretty consistent and stable enough that i can use my phone as a hotspot for my samsung note 10.1. After 3 months of being limited to 3G it’s been much anticipated.

  10. jonathan

    I have sprint and i live in chicago. The lte in the inner city is still spotty and is being activated in more areas as time goes on. However in the suburbs there are more locations to connect to lte. I cant complain though it is unlimited.

  11. mariano montes

    i am in the chicago area and havent seen any 4g or 4g lte yet !! to have sprint turn on the towers in the suburbs first dont make sense at all . chicago is a major big city and to have us wait while all these little suburbs go on and chicago stays off is just absured !! i have the 4g lte and i been using as a paper weight for 3 months . really cant take it anymore !!!

  12. Mike Agnew

    I have a Sprint GS3 phone and I see 4G signal consistently at the Cumberland Metra train station (NE Des Plaines). That 4G signal disappears half-way through Des Plaines and is absent for the rest of my train ride to downtown Chicago.