Acer takes on Nexus 7 with $230 Iconia Tab A110


Acer’s new Iconia Tab A110 becomes available on Oct. 30 in the U.S. and Canada for $229.99 and offers consumers another 7-inch Android tablet choice. The small slate will compete against rival tablets such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD(s amzn) and Google’s Nexus 7(s goog). Like the latter tablet, Acer’s Iconia Tab A110 ships with Android 4.1 software and runs on Nvidia’s(s nvda) Tegra 3 processor.

Those who compare hardware specifications will notice that Acer’s new tablet has some key differences from its competitors. Instead of a high-resolution display, the 7-inch capacitive touchscreen on the A110 uses a 1024 x 600 panel; that’s a bit of a let down since this resolution was standard on small Android tablets a year or two ago.

The device also comes with just 8 GB of internal storage, although a microSD expansion slot supports up to an additional 32 GB of storage. Memory tops out at 1 GB; the same as most competing small tablets. A microHDMI jack connects the Iconia Tab A110 to an HDTV, something that’s not supported on Google’s Nexus 7,

All in all, Acer’s new tablet adds another choice to the growing market of small Android slates, but — on paper, at least — doesn’t stand out too much from the crowd. And if the rumors are true that Google is considering a $99 version of its Nexus 7 with 8 GB of memory, the Iconia Tab A110 could be too little, too late.


D. Guest

I’ve played around with a bunch of tablets, and eventually chose the Nexus 7 over the other Android tablets and the iPad. I didn’t think that a hi-resolution display would be a deal-breaker (Corning Glass / Retina display) but it totally, totally matters for daily usage. That’s the other reason I didn’t want to wait for iPad mini, no hi-res display and it may not happen until late next year

Kevin’s point really hits it home: buyer be-aware, in a few weeks the Acer A110 could be a product of regrettable compromises when a better and much less expensive alternate is around the corner.

p.s.- I’m going to bummed if the Nexus price point really drops that low b/c I paid full retail. Sad. =(
Btw, I’ve been an Apple user for over two decades but I’m a fan of the Android platform. For my mobile content consumption, it works fine on my smart phone and tablet (even without an microSD card or HDMI output).

Riley Wave

So Many New Tables for the Holidays – Another Company, Ainol Electronics – also just launched a new line of tablets, including the Novo 7 Flame – priced at $189 at a web site called TabletSprint – a 7″ 16GB tablet with more quality features than the $249 Nexus 7 & this new Acer – the Flame has a 1280×800 high resolution screen, Micro-SD, HDMI, 2 quality cameras and more… Next month Ainol Electronics launch the “World’s 1st” $99 Dual Core “Performance” tablet — If you’re not familar with Ainol – the company won runner-up in CNET/Consumer Electronics Show 2012 “Best Tablet of the Year” Award – And will also have two new Hi-Res 10 Inch tablets coming out soon, one a Dual Core at $219 and the other a Quad Core with a 1920×1200 Liquid Crystal display (like Apple’s Retina screen) for around $275 –WOW– the only site that seems to offer them right now is TabletSprint —

Edwin Valis

Kevin, I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 that also has 8 gb storage and a micro sd card. Can you check to see if this new tablet can run apps and store app data on the same card? So far, I have only been able to put pictures/video from camera and music on sd card. Is this an Ice Cream Sandwich limitation?

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