Startup Health launches AngelList-like platform for health and wellness


Health entrepreneurs and investors are getting an AngelList-like network of their own. Startup Health, the New York-based academy for health and wellness startups, is this month rolling out a new online platform for connecting entrepreneurs, investors and customers interested in healthcare innovation.

The comprehensive database not only tracks venture capital and angel investments in health tech companies, it also gives members of the health tech community a way to connect with others on the site, either privately or publicly.

“We don’t just want it to be a database, but a platform for actionable intelligence that will help companies identify trends, connect with investors, find customers and those who are supportive about innovation, ” said Unity Stoakes, co-founder of Startup Health.

Currently, the Startup Health Network (which is in beta) includes more than 1,200 startups, 700 entrepreneurs, 400 venture capital firms, 180 angel investors and hundreds of customers and partner organizations, including hospitals, health insurance companies, government organizations and other health-related groups.

To date, it has tracked 495 deals totaling $4.1 billion, which can be segmented by location, market, date, funding source and stage.  It shows, for example, that Esther Dyson is the most active angel investor, with 26 health tech investments and that Castlight Health is the startup that has raised the most capital to date.

In addition to tracking funding data, the network enables members of the community to find new partners through common connections. Each member of the site can indicate the “top 20” people with whom they would like to meet, as well as the reason for the introduction.  Users can either share that list publicly, so that other members of the site can facilitate introductions, or privately, so that the Startup Health organizers can broker relationships.

To access the network, which is free to entrepreneurs, startups, investors, thought leaders, organizations and others involved in health tech, users must be invited by Startup Health or one of the 22 “Healthcare Transformer” startups currently enrolled in the academy. People can also request access by signing a pledge committing support for health innovation.

Given Startup Health’s goal to build 1,000 sustainable businesses over the next decade, Stoakes said that “by opening this up and making it more transparent, we can make it a much more efficient process for everyone in the community.”



They’ll turn evil. Just like all the others. People can say how great angel investers are and all that jazz…at the end of the day, its all about the money. That is what is wrong with all of the supposed health oriented companies.


It’s great to see angel investors in this industry it is an opportunity for them if they see a great startup to invest in. The company benefits the angel investor benefits and the community is benefitted with more jobs more life and more everything.

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