Something’s brewing at Google: Android event on Oct. 29


On Wednesday, Google(s goog) sent press invites for a New York City event taking place on Oct. 29. The invitation notes that this an Android event of some kind, but has no details other than a cryptic phrase, “The Playground is open.”

Google event in NYC, October 29

There’s some speculation that the event will see the next Nexus phone launch, likely a smartphone based upon LG’s Optimus G handset. Another possibility revolves around updates to the Google Android Nexus 7 tablets as rumors have been making the rounds of a $99 Nexus 7 as well as a 32 GB model. If any new Android hardware is announced, it could be accompanied by a newer version of Android, possibly Android 4.2.



Gee, maybe they will update the Thunderbolt……aw, no way – just push push out new stuff and let the people who have supported you in the dumpster.

Onno ter Wisscha

My guess would be that is has to do with Google Play.
More, better, more widely available media content?
Subscription based content.
Stuff like that.

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