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Red Hat wants more competition

Red Hat doesn’t really think it has a direct competitor – although CTO Brian Stevens certainly has something to say about comparisons between his company and Microsoft. Stevens was interviewed at Structure Europe 2012 by GigaOM senior writer Mathew Ingram, and the video can be watched below.

Check out the rest of our Structure Europe 2012 live coverage here, and a video recording of the session follows below.

2 Responses to “Red Hat wants more competition”

  1. David Carratt

    I estimate Red Hat is 10x larger than Canonical, at least in terms of headcount (5000 vs 500) so I guess it depends on how much “big commercial support” enterprise buyers feel comfortable with. If you are used to IBM and Microsoft maybe 500 is not big enough

  2. Isn’t Canonical a competitor? As far as I’m concerned there are 2 choices for server OSs – Red Hat based (e.g. RHEL, CentOS) or Debian based (Debian itself or Ubuntu). In both cases, there is a big commercial company offering support – Red Hat offers Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Canonical supports Ubuntu.