Isis mobile payment system announces Oct. 22 launch

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Credit: Isis

Isis, the joint venture mobile payment system from Verizon(s vz) (s vod), AT&T (s t)and T-Mobile, is now officially set to launch on Oct. 22 after missing its planned summer rollout. An Isis representative said in an email that the launch will commence in Austin, Texas, and Salt Lake City.

Isis expects to have 20 Isis-ready handsets in the market by the end of this year. It said it will have more details to share on Oct. 22.

Isis delayed its planned launch on Sept. 13 but didn’t commit to a new launch date. Reports based on internal documents pegged the launch for Oct. 22. Earlier on Wednesday, the Isis app became available for T-Mobile though there was no mention of when the service would go live.

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Florian Be

Impressive initiative in terms of partnership buy in (card readers, phone makers). Just wondering how they will do without Apple support (Iphone users are a very valuable customer base) and whether the online eWallet competitors will move faster/ deliver a better product experience. Read more here:

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