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Sprint Galaxy Note 2 LTE lands on Oct. 25 for $299

Sprint(s s) will release its first quad-core smartphone on Oct. 25 with the debut of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2. The part-smartphone, part-tablet device supports unlimited data on Sprint’s fledgling LTE network and will cost $299.99 with a contract. Sprint will release the phone with Android 4.1.1(s goog), which is a recent version of Google’s mobile platform, in two colors: Marble White and Titanium Gray.

I have the Titanium Gray one myself, although it’s not for Sprint’s network: I purchased an international GSM version from overseas and use AT&T’s(s t) network with a low-cost Straight Talk SIM card. My Galaxy Note 2 doesn’t have LTE support, so those living in an area with Sprint LTE coverage will see far faster mobile broadband speeds.

Like my Galaxy Note 2, Sprint’s version has a large 5.5-inch display with 1280 x 720 resolution, 8 megapixel camera and a digital pen that works for inking and navigation. The phone also runs two apps on the screen at once; here’s a video look at the international version that Sprint’s will closely resemble.

Prior LTE handsets for the U.S. market have generally run on Qualcomm(s qcom) processors as the chip company has an integrated LTE solution available. Sprint’s Galaxy Note 2, however, shares the same 1.6 GHz Samsung Exynos quad-core chip as my own unit. The carrier hasn’t mentioned the amount of memory in the new handset, but if it’s 2 GB like is in the international edition — and it likely is — then this handset will be a stellar performer.

11 Responses to “Sprint Galaxy Note 2 LTE lands on Oct. 25 for $299”

  1. I have been looking forward to this phenom since it was introduced earlier this year. I am big techy and love new things in technology especially the way I communicate on the go. Can ‘t wait to get my hands on one, literally!!!

  2. I’m all over it! This will SAVE money (if such is possible with the crooked Cell system in The U.S…) in that you don’t need to spend nearly $1K on two different devices, a tablet and a smart phone. Sounds logical to me and I love the size even for a phone!

  3. It’s not a big device at all. I no longer use my laptop and tab. It’s big enough to use any way I want and much quicker and we’ll formated than laptop, my ipad2 is too big and heavy to hold to type email or witch the netflex. Galaxy note is just right to do at home or carry or watch anything. It is bit big to talk but I am not talking person but Web suffer person. It fits my all jeans pockets well. Do not put stupid thcik cover than all good and it is the future mobile device as I own at&t note one, I am getting it here note2