Structure Europe 2012 live coverage

Cloud computing may be coming of age in the U.S., spurred by vendors such as, Rackspace (s rqx) and countless name-brand companies in the enterprise IT space, but the benefits of this shift in IT will span the world. Which is why GigaOM has decided to take Structure, our annual conference exploring IT infrastructure to Europe, where companies such as NGINX, OpenNebula and CloudSigma are building, using or contributing to the cloud computing revolution. We generally don’t hear much about the infrastructure of companies outside the U.S., but for the next two days, that’s going to change.

We’re proud to present Structure:Europe, our first conference outside of the U.S. Om Malik, Derrick Harris, and Stacey Higginbotham have put together a great lineup of speakers and presenters in Amsterdam who will highlight how cloud computing is changing Europe (and the rest of the world), and how Europe is changing cloud computing. Highlights include Amazon’s (s amzn) Werner Vogels, Marten Mickos of Eucalpytus Systems, and the guys who handle IT for The Large Hadron Collider.

The event will be livestreamed, and that video can be found here alongside live updates from GigaOM reporters. We’ll also update this page with stories as they emerge from Amsterdam on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

Day One

Day Two