How to design for the ears


We do a lot of designing for your ears, explains Pandora’s CTO Tom Conrad. The Internet radio leader uses billions of data points — from their music genome project to their user’s interactions with the music — to design the experience of the perfect play list.

Conrad talked to us about designing for the ears in this video, as part of the book we’re creating for our RoadMap conference, which will take place on November 5th in San Francisco. RoadMap is focused on design in the age of connectedness and will feature speakers like fuseproject founder Yves Behar, Obvious CEO Evan Williams, Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, Tumblr CEO David Karp, MINIMAL founder Scott Wilson, and many more. Check out the speaker lineup and schedule.


Mike Mostransky

Guys given who is talking you really should have done a better job with the mic.

Chris Taylor

What I really like about this is how it can affect the business world. Sure, we have video, but its large file size and screen requirement means we don’t have the same slickness that we do with sound. People aren’t yet designing anything business-related for the ears…but it is an untapped gold mine.


Nice, but creative collaborative filtering will let Spotify and others capture a broader range of music.

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