Last week on Pro: Tesla, Google TV, and disruptions in the cloud


The cloud is back on everyone’s minds, especially as we get ready to launch Structure:Europe, our signature cloud and infrastructure conference, in Amsterdam in just a few days. The OpenStack summit is also slated for next week, and our reporters have been busy posting their top questions for the event and chatting with some of OpenStack’s detractors, such as Eucalyptus Systems CEO Marten Mickos. Meanwhile, over on GigaOM Pro, our analysts are looking into the near-term future for cloud-based application platforms, using our newly-launched Sector RoadMap methodology. Also on Pro this week: Google TV tries again, and Tesla is on the defensive.

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Cleantech: Reading Tesla’s tea leaves
Adam Lesser

Tesla’s been taking a few hits in the news lately; after being targeted by Ronmey during the first presidential debate, the company came under fire for falling behind on its production schedule for its Model S line while raising an additional round of capital. CEO Elon Musk publicly defended the company’s decisions, emphasizing Tesla’s commitment to reduce risk in the event of supplier problems, and noting that cash flow and production ramping are still progressing – albeit, on a slightly delayed schedule. Pro curator Adam Lesser provides his analysis of Musk’s statements in light of the company’s financials, its market position, and the lessons to be learned from production mishaps from other EV makers, including Fisker and Chevrolet.

Cloud: Sector RoadMap: Platform as a Service in 2012
David Linthicum

Pro analyst David Linthicum writes one of GigaOM Pro’s first Sector RoadMaps, our newest type of ecosystem analysis and research content. Linthicum looks at the cloud-based application platforms known as Platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and identifies the market’s most important platforms, technologies and companies. Employing GigaOM Pro’s own data visualization, the report analyzes and examines the key disruptive trends that shape the emerging PaaS market, and provides a data-driven, near-term projection of where companies will position themselves to gain share and increase revenue.

Connected Consumer: Could Google TV actually work this time?
Paul Sweeting

Google is at it again: after an embarrassing first attempt at breaking into the connected TV market, the search giant is hoping for a successful take two, investing $200 million into creating original programming for the US and European markets and, more importantly, announcing the integration of Google Play into the Google TV store. Pro curator Paul Sweeting looks at the problems that plagued Google TV’s initial launch and provides his take on whether Google TV’s new approach actually help the company gain traction as a media company.

Mobile: The evolving mobile network: from slide-deck presentations to deployment
Monica Paolini

Pro analyst Monica Paolini looks at the rapidly-evolving mobile networking space, as the market shifts from a voice-centric to a data-centric usage model. Now that the adoption of high-speed LTE and HSPA is a given across mobile network providers, operators have to figure out how to actually implement these improvements while planning for future expansion and innovation. Paolini looks at what standards the industry has actually agreed upon, collectively, as well as areas of potential growth and continued innovation on the mobile network space.

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