iPad Mini models, pricing reportedly leaked


Apple’s(s aapl) iPad Mini has yet to be announced, but the device is reportedly appearing in a consumer electronics retail inventory system, complete with model and pricing information. The MobileGeeks site has a picture of the system, depicting various capacities and wireless capabilities with pricing starting at 249 Euros (US $322.60) for an 8 GB iPad Mini with Wi-Fi only.

According to MobileGeek’s source, the inventory screen cap is from systems used by Media Market / Saturn; a retail group with 70,000 employees that operates stores in 18 European and Asian markets. Reported capacities for the iPad Mini will be in 8-, 16- 32- and 64 GB models with Wi-Fi and each will also be available with integrated cellular radios, making for 8 different configurations.

We won’t know for sure if this pricing is accurate until Apple introduces the product, of course. But the prices sound reasonable; especially you translate the Euros directly to US dollars instead of converting them — a common practice. In fact, earlier today when recording our weekly podcast, I speculated that a 16 GB Wi-Fi iPad Mini would be priced at $349; the exact same amount in Euros that MobileGeeks has found.

The new iPod touch — which I bought and think is superb — priced at $299 may have provided some iPad Mini pricing insight. Apple wouldn’t likely have the iPod touch compete directly with a small iPad and if this pricing hold true, it isn’t. My 32 GB iPod touch cost $299 and the same capacity for an iPad Mini appears to be $449; a difference large enough that keeps the two from competing on price, for example.

A trio of Nexus 7 tabletsAt $249 for an 8 GB model, some will note that the same storage capacity on a Nexus 7(s goog) or Kindle Fire HD(s amzn) is $50 less. That’s true and it fits with Apple’s ability to get a premium price from those wanting to use its ecosystem of apps and media. In other words, I could easily see people spend the extra $50 for a Mini iPad over Android competitors.

We also know that an 8GB Nexus 7 costs roughly $152 in parts and production. An 8 GB iPad Mini with Wi-Fi would likely cost a similar amount and at $249, that gives Apple a 38.6 percent profit margin on the low model with even higher margins on the other models. Based on that, I suspect these prices are legitimate, although they could just be placeholders. At the very least, they certainly make sense to me.



I agree with you Omar. It is kind of disappointing after all what Steve Jobs said about smaller sized iPads and all. I love it this way, why was the change needed? For those who say it is not ergonomic. Well there are accessories you can add to make it ergonomic like iCushions easily available on http://www.mobiletoyz.co.uk.


The new Touch spex may point to the Mini spex and features. The Touch is now a lean and mean and sleek machine. So Apple has created space for the Touch when the Mini arrives. Best guess for the Mini: Less screen resolution then the Touch, front side camera only, no siri, no passbook. But it will have a bigger screen and all those apps and will sell for $250 to schools. So the Mini for school; the Touch for home. The Mini will be lighter, brighter, thinner, faster and much more useful than the Fire or Nook. Good luck with the Surface, by the way.


I was hoping for a 16G Wifi version for either $249 or $299. $349 is only $50 less than iPad 2, which makes no sense for a consumer looking for a cheap but usable tablet. I already have an iPad 2 so I was just looking for something cheap and small enough to carry.

Should have ordered that 16G Nexus 7 while they still had the $25 Google Play offer. Maybe I’ll wait for the next version and skip buying something that I don’t really need right now.


I have to admit that this article is confusing for me as well. Even though you say you don’t convert currencies you show the U.S. conversion for the 8gb in the first paragraph (at $322.60) and then later list say it would be $249. I’m guessing the assumption is that it would go for the $249 price point (especially when you take the VAT into consideration) but the way it’s written is confusing.

I’m interested in getting the mini, but there’s no way I’d pay $300+ for an 8gb device. $350 is pushing it for 16gb and wifi only. If the 8gb is over $300 I’m buying a Nexus 7.


Price does not matter. This will be a flop. Apple missed the first mover advantage for this. Amazon took that. They are better off focusing on the Television and the iWatch than mini….


You are correct Kevin, electronic gadgets are normally more expensive in Europe than in the US, even more expensive than here in Mexico. Actually, pre-tax prices between the US and Mexico make things cheaper South of the border.


Kevin, the picture says that the iPad mini 32GB Wifi-only is 449 Euro, not dollars. If that is the case, this price is very close to the regular iPad.


es funcional , se ha disminuido el riesgo por daño y las protecciones informaticas son factibles en el uso , no encuentro dificultad en area local pero si en otro pais .


Hi Kevin. Nice scoop. The more I see these prices the more they make sense. Especially if there were to be the same in U.S dollars. The smallest capacity iPad mini would go for less than everyone expected ($249) although sacrificing a bit of storage but providing Apple with a nice alternative for the very low end market. But what makes me believe these prices are the real thing is that they progress from $X49 to $X49. This is quite smart and helps avoid confusion. Thankfully we will know soon.

Shameer Mulji

$249 for an 8GB iPad Mini is overpriced first of all. Second, 8GB for any iOS device is definitely not enough space considering that iOS chews up about 1.5GB of that space. Jeff Bezos was right. 8GB is a non-starter in 2012.


Apple knows this – so people will opt for the 16GB model. They charge 100 euros for 8 gigabytes, which is criminal.


How do u get $249 for iPad mini 8G? The first paragraph says 249 euros for it, that translates to $322 which includes tax in Europe and it’ll be $299 in US. The profit margin hence even higher !

Kevin C. Tofel

Typically, you don’t convert currencies for gadget prices. Example, my $299 iPod Touch is 319 Euros in Germany. That’s around $415 if you convert but clearly that’s not the US price.


Electronic gadgets are normally more expensive in Europe than in the US, even more expensive than here in Mexico. Actually, pre-tax prices between the US and Mexico make things cheaper South of the border.

Andrew Lam

There’s a typo in the 4th paragraph where you say “iPod Mini”.


that sooooo stupid to make ipad mini after announcing the big screen ipad that is so cool with the retina display i sight camera and more other features, real after steev jobs had died apple had ran out of ideas

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