Changing of the media guard

I missed this last week amid the headlines about YouTube ponying up $200 million to fund 60 more channels of premium original content, but OpenSlate put together a neat infographic with yet more amazing facts about YouTube (h/t ReadWriteWeb).

Among the more notable: YouTube now has over 1 million content partners accepting advertising on their videos. Put another way, that means there are more than 1 million people creating and distributing content on YouTube who are in some sense “professional.” As RWW points out that’s more people than the U.S. television industry employs.

It also underscores the recent report by AdAge, based on an analysis of U.S. Department of Labor data, that showed that one in six people employed in the U.S. media industry now work for an internet media company. Total employment in the so-called new media sector now exceeds employment in broadcast TV, radio, magazines and cable TV. The only corner of the “traditional” media where employment still exceeds “new” media is newspapers. And with newspapers shedding an average of 1,400 jobs a month, that obviously won’t last long.

Another fun fact: The top 1000 YouTube channels receive an average of $23,000 net per month from YouTube advertising, which works out to a cool $276,000 per year. Nice work if you can get it.