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Court reverses earlier sales ban Apple won on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

An appeals court Thursday lifted an injunction placed on Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus device in late June after Apple claimed that the device was too similar to the iPhone. The ban was put in place before the Samsung-Apple patent trial from which Apple emerged with a verdict in its favor.

Court documents filed Thursday say the earlier sales injunction has been “reversed and remanded,” (PDF) as was first noted by Reuters. The appeals court found that the earlier decision to put the sales ban in place was made in error. The judges also said that Apple(s AAPL) was unable to successfully establish that the quick search box in Android(s GOOG) found on the Galaxy Nexus was so similar to the iPhone’s universal search that it would cause Apple to lose sales, which was the reason given earlier for banning the device.

It’s good news for Samsung that it’s removed a major threat to one of its flagship devices intended to showcase Android 4.0. But it’s still on the hook for more than $1 billion in damages for the rest of its mobile devices found to infringe on a handful of Apple mobile patents earlier this year.

3 Responses to “Court reverses earlier sales ban Apple won on Samsung Galaxy Nexus”

  1. The appeals court stated “the district court abused its discretion” when granting the injunction. They didn’t mince words. Koh didn’t just screw up. She ignored the law to rule in favor of Apple.

    • It is still the current flagship Nexus phone and while other devices may have more performance I don’t see where it matters.
      I have both an Galaxy Nexus and S III.
      S III is running cyanogenmod in order to get a clean and up to date Android. Jelly Bean is nothing new from me while Samsung still didn’t release an update (except for poland). A problem the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have.
      Both run smooth and can run everything. I also prefer the design of the Nexus way more because it’s not glossy and the fron is just black. No stupid “Samsung” printed there. I know it’s a Samsung. I don’t need to be reminded of that every time I look at it.

      And don’t forget the cheap price.