Where to watch the 2012 vice presidential debate live online


Last week, it was Obama and Romney’s turn. This Thursday, congressman Paul Ryan and vice president Joe Biden are facing off in Danville, Ky. for their first and only vice presidential debate of this election cycle. And just like during the presidential debate, viewers will once again have numerous choices to follow the event live. Not only will it be carried by most major broadcast and cable news networks, but there will also be a number of live streams.

Check out our definitive guide to watching the VP debate live online:

We will update this post with new links right up to the start of the debate. Let us know in the comments if you come across any other good resources!

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Image courtesy of Flickr user League of Women Voters of California.


Michelle Sujai

Saw it & Ryan was a real Mitt Wit! Only the GOP could support unfounded accusations. Clearly they dont want the Presidency.


Anyone with an XBox can watch the debate on XBox live’s debate application.


you might try C-Span. They had a “live” feed running on the first presidential debate after the original aired.

William Gall

none of these work. you’re information is not correct. disappointed.


Does anyone know if the VP Debate will be available to view after the live event? I will be tied up in meetings but Id love to watch it later on.Thanks!

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