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ComodIT wants to bring about intuitive IT

Instead of telling a server to take an action, what if instead you could just tell your infrastructure in which computing state you wanted it to arrive? That’s the goal of ComodIT, a Belgian startup that is a finalist in our Structure:Europe LaunchPad competition. The company’s cloud management software wants to take the scripting out of cloud management and let anyone –from IT to business employees be able to order up new instances and compute resources across clouds.

The startup, which launched in June, is seeking its Series A round and is currently bootstrapped by the three founders. The company employs seven people and offers Software as a Service (Saas) as well as on-premise deployments. Unlike some of the other configuration management or other cloud-provisioning and management tools out there, ComodIT is aimed squarely at the enterprise — although anyone else can use it too. The company offers identity management and compliance-related features that enterprise customers need, but has taken an API-reliant approach more familiar to the dev-ops community.

However, it is also built so that other tools can easily integrate with it, meaning customers can bring their own cloud tools with features ComodIT doesn’t have. It even posted the code for Synapse, the software that governs its agent, which helps track virtual instances and other IT assets the ComodIT platform controls on GitHub earlier this month.

ComodIT will compete against clusters of open-source software as well as IT management software from established vendors like RightScale and giants such as CA, but it’s worth watching because it’s trying to bridge multiple clouds with its software. If it succeeds it could essentially wrap all available clouds into a user-friendly Platform as a Service (PaaS) with enterprise levels of control.

ComodIT is one of five finalists in our Structure: Europe Launchpad competition, which will take place on October 16th in Amsterdam. More information can be found here.

2 Responses to “ComodIT wants to bring about intuitive IT”

  1. Jonathon Smith

    ComodIT appears be reinventing the configuration management tool yet again. There is already an abundant number of these type tools from high end commercial tools like Opsware and Blade Logic to OSS technology like Puppet and Opscode Chef not to mention that this level of automation is coming in CloudFrameworks like OpenStack and Eucalyptus.

    A recent startup in the US called CloudBolt takes an approach that leverages all these existing and already installed automation tools to deliver the same desired ‘Unified Approach to IT” across Private and Public Clouds without abandoning all the IP organizations have already invested in and avoiding be ‘locked-in’ to another proprietary config tool.

    • Laurent Eschenauer

      I agree, there are many players out there, in fact IT Automation has been there pretty much since the first days of IT, but it keep on evolving, adapting itself to new realities like the cloud, and I’m convinced that this creates new opportunities for innovation.

      All the companies/projects you mention are ‘on-premises’ software. The ComodIT innovation is to integrate all these features into a platform available as a service. You can get started in minutes, without any software to install and configure. An ideal solution for SMEs wiling a simple, integrated and comprehensive IT Automation solution.