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DoxOut wants to give you document functionality on any device, at any time

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DoxOut, the Macedonian-based provider of enterprise software for the cloud, has big plans for the post-PC era of editing and creating documents. Everyone is pumped about innovation in mobile and applications for smartphones, yet the document editing process still remains on the PC for most people. DoxOut’s suite of cloud-based products aims to bring full composing and editing functionality to users, no matter what device they’re using or how small a screen they’re looking at. The company will be presenting as part of GigaOM’s Structure: Europe 2012 LaunchPad contest.

The company’s products are still in beta, but they’ve created a series of demo videos showing just how versatile their offerings will be. There’s an iPhone being used as a presentation remote, controlling the slides streaming from an iPad onto a larger screen. There’s the option of docking your smartphone or tablet running DoxOut’s software to use the mobile device as a keyboard for those documents displayed on a big screen. And of course you can create, edit, and save your documents through the DoxOut application on mobile itself, saving to the device or the cloud.

DoxOut is committed to the idea that creating and editing information on your tablet or smartphone shouldn’t be a subpar experience to what you get on your PC. It provides its own tools for creating and editing presentations, but the software also lets you manipulate Google(s goog) Docs or Microsoft(s msft) files as well. The software can run even when the device is offline.

While it’s still in private beta and hasn’t publicly launched, CEO Gligor Dachevski said they should have a public product within a few months, and are looking for investors. Dachevski’s last venture was a fitness app called SportyPal that came pre-installed on Xperia Active from Sony Ericsson smartphones, and he said he’s hoping to find a hardware manufacturer who would be interested in pre-installing DoxOut on phones in a similar fashion.

DoxOut is one of five finalists in our Structure: Europe Launchpad competition, which will take place on October 16th in Amsterdam. More information can be found here.

3 Responses to “DoxOut wants to give you document functionality on any device, at any time”

  1. DoxOut Bring Your Own Device support for the companies is great especially integrated with public or private clout. Possibility to work at office on PC ant at home or traveling on iPad with same UI and UX with full feature set equal on both device is right solution.

  2. Mr. Bee

    I don’t get what they are trying to do here. All these capabilities exist with the base software of iOS and an app like Pages. “DoxOut” for mobile just looks like a clone of Pages with ugly java-esque menus instead. It has the exact same functionality.

    Also, the basic premise of the product is wrong. You won’t see many old-timey tech bloggers doing it, but absolutely thousands of folks have already picked up on the new mobile way of doing things and use their iPad to write/create documents all the time.

    I’m currently writing a 89,000 word novel and three non-fiction essays on mine. Nothing “extra needed at all to make the experience as good as a laptop IMO.

    • At this moment this DoxOut is only one who can offer Bring Your Own Device to the companies, as it can give private or public cloud for them with the same UI and UX on all platforms. Also it have great colaboration features on it publik or private cloud. Also it covers all user scenarions.