Sprint offers vanity phone numbers with new StarStar Me service


The DMV will sell you a personalized license plate. Why won’t your carrier sell you a personalized dialing code? Starting Monday, Sprint(s s) will. It launched a service called StarStar Me that lets a customer select a vanity number up to nine digits long. When any customer on a major U.S. mobile carrier dials that code preceded by two asterisks, a call will automatically be placed to the code’s owner.

For instance, you could select your name “**KEVIN” or a pseudonym “**SHORTY” – assuming those monikers haven’t already been taken. The service costs $3 a month, and every Sprint customer can sign up for two StarStar Me codes. While the service appears to work on any mobile phone, there are some added benefits if you’re an Android(s goog) phone owner. You can download an app from Google Play that gives customers a unique set of tools for their StarStar Me accounts.

Customers can use the app to automatically generate text messages to callers, and customize those messages by caller. The app could generate a busy notification or a link to the customer’s latest blog entry. Callers not identified in the phone’s contact list could receive a V-card with all of the customer’s contact info. Sprint said an iPhone(s aapl) app will be available in the iTunes store shortly.

StarStar Me is run by Zoove, which has built a suite of services around the dual-asterisk codes. It originally launched StarStar as a marketing and promotional platform for brands. For instance if you dial “**SUZUKI,” you get a text message with a link to a Suzuki YouTube video featuring its motorcycles. According to Zoove, however, Sprint is the first carrier to use its technology to create personalized dialing codes.



Not having to download an app will speed up consumer adoption in my opinion.


From sprint announcement it is clear that Moving forward and replacing phone numbers with names was really only a matter of time.
Now when each of us has a phone number, email address, web address, mailing address, and a wide variety of social networking, it is clear that no one can remember so many details.
No wonder then that the effort invested in developing technological solutions in this area is so big. Today, the company that leads the technological development in this area is called Callmyname ( CMN ) allowing Dialing privet or business names without the asterisks, worldwide and without limitation of letters. What’s more – you can grab your unique mobile name for free.

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