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Cheap eats in New York — the video edition!

Good news for frugal chow-hounds: a new video series provides a closer look at all those tasty treats that appear in New York magazine’s annual Eat Cheap issue.

The five episode series will highlight Asian buns, deli sandwiches and other non-spendy staples that provide a respite from the city’s often surreal dining prices. The magazine’s food writers will also take viewers into the kitchens of hot spots like Pok Pok Ny and Eataly where chefs will show how the affordable creations are made.

And in a city prone to crazes like artisanal mayonaise stores or bacon-on-everything, the video series will of course highlight New York’s latest food trends. Here’s a segment, inspired by the 50th anniversary of McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish, that explores a wave of new-fangled fish sandwiches popping up across New York:

The Cheap Eats video is part of Hungry, a new food-centric premium YouTube (s goog) channel produced by multimedia studio Electus. The channel is also working with Women’s Day to bring the magazines’ Casserole Queens to video.

From a business perspective, the foodie partnerships appear to make strategic sense. New York gets an opportunity ot bring its popular food feature to a polished video stage where it can be discovered by subscribers and tourists alike. Meanwhile, Electus can use the print publication’s credibility to attract an audience for its new channel. As for the cash question, YouTube will help monetize the content and share the proceeds with Electus.

(Image by Altin Osmanaj via Shutterstock)