Acer’s first Windows 8 tablet: $799 with case and keyboard

Acer will launch the Iconia W700 Windows 8 tablet on Oct. 26 with a starting cost of $799. For that price, Acer is including a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and protective case for the 11.6-inch touchscreen slate that uses a full high definition display of 1920 x 1080 resolution. The Iconia W700 is powered by Intel’s(s intc) Core i3 or i5 Ivy Bridge processor, depending on the model, with a top price option of $999.

The Iconia W700 is expected to get 8 hours of battery life, says Acer; impressive for a half-inch thick device running a full desktop operating system. is also touting the 10 point multitouch display, 6 second boot time, 5 megapixel rear camera, 720p-capable front camera and an included innovative cradle. With it, the tablet can be easily used in portrait or landscape mode with two tilting modes for a 20-degree and 70-degree angle.

Acer’s product announcement on Thursday is only the tip of the iceberg: Expect October to be filled with Windows 8 tablet news as Microsoft’s operating system is expected by month end and computer makers have had the final Windows 8 version for a few months now. The price also provides us hints of the upcoming Windows 8 RT slates that will run on ARM-powered(s armh) chips and should be less expensive. Acer is typically known as a value brand, so if its Windows 8 tablets start at $799, I anticipate Acer will price Windows 8 RT slates starting in the $499 to $599 range.