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Wiresurfer wants to make picking telecom as easy as booking a flight

At this point, travelers have become used to comparing flight prices on sites like Kayak (s kyak) or Expedia (s expe) before making a purchase, and Wiresurfer, a new startup launched Tuesday, wants to do the same for companies picking telecom or internet services for their small businesses.

The company made their pitch Tuesday at DEMO 2012 in Santa Clara, announcing partnerships with a variety of companies, including AT&T, Comcast, CenturyLink, EarthLink, Windstream, and others. The companies will pay Wiresurfer a commission from customer contracts established through the service, and Windsurfer’s profits will correspond with how long those customers keep their contracts active.

The site allows potential customers to input basic information about their companies like size, location, telecom and internet needs, much like a traveler would put in flight characteristics on Kayak or Expedia. The Wiresurfer site then displays a user’s options, with prices and descriptions of the different services for comparison.

The constantly-updated database will allow customers to compare deals and products offered that are specific to their location. Currently, services offered through Wiresurfer include wireline voice, wireless voice and data, voice over IP (VoIP), Internet/broadband data including cable and DSL, collocation hosting, audio and web conferencing, and cloud-based solutions.

Wiresurfer telecom startup compare internet prices screenshot