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Cord Cutters quick tip: using AirPlay on a Google TV

AirPlay video streaming used to be exclusive to the Apple (S AAPL) TV. Here’s how you can use it on a Google (s GOOG) TV as well:

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Show notes for this episode:

How important has AirPlay support been for you when choosing a media streaming device? Did you buy the Apple TV because of AirPlay, or are you using AirPlay on a different device? Please share your thoughts in the comments, get in touch with us on Twitter (@cordcutters) or email us at cordcutters @

3 Responses to “Cord Cutters quick tip: using AirPlay on a Google TV”

  1. Alex Bichuch

    I have been using AirTight for a year now and it is great. You DO NOT need to launch the app before beaming airplay videos – it runs in the background, and will launch automatically play when you select to airplay to your google tv. It is actually better than an Apple TV because you do not need to switch inputs on your television.
    It works very well, although from time to time there are small issues, like auto-lock turning on after a minute or two and truning off you iPad screen which might turn off the video. This happens rarely.
    Also, you can’t do AirPlay mirroring, and you can’t use it as a screen extension like when you play Real Racing 2 and you can use the TV screen as your main screen.
    Overall Airtight works amazingly well. and I love it. It is probably the most used feature on my Logitech Google TV box (with Netflix being second).

  2. zachtirrell

    AirPlay is essential for me in my selection of this sort of device. Interesting to see there is an option on the Google TV, but it is less ideal than Apple TV since you do have to launch the app first. While this seems like a small thing, consider children using these devices (my primary use case). While they can easily navigate the touch interface of the iPad, the remote control is a bit more baffling. So, Apple TV’s ability to catch and play whatever they send there without requiring interacting with the remote really is valuable.

    Side note: it would be nice if these videos had a brief outro, as they are, they end a bit abruptly.