Despite big fuss, Barnes & Noble carrying Amazon Publishing titles in stores


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In February, Barnes & Noble (s BKS) said it wouldn’t carry Amazon (s AMZN) Publishing titles in its stores. “Our decision is based on Amazon’s continued push for exclusivity with publishers, agents and the authors they represent,” B&N chief merchandising officer Jaime Carey said in a statement at the time. Over half a year later, Amazon’s push for exclusive content continues, but it appears Barnes & Noble has capitulated: The nation’s largest bookstore chain is carrying books from Amazon’s New York-based imprint in its stores, despite the fact that it isn’t selling those titles as ebooks.

Kelly Burdick, the executive editor at independent publisher Melville House, noticed one of Amazon’s lead titles, the Penny Marshall memoir My Mother Was Nuts, in a Barnes & Noble store on Manhattan’s Upper East Side this weekend. Actually, not only was the book in stock, it was displayed on a table at the front of the store.

I used the “Pick Up In Store” feature on to check for other Amazon Publishing titles in Barnes & Noble’s NYC stores. My Mother Was Nuts is in stock at the five Barnes & Noble stores closest to me. Another Amazon Publishing title, Jessica Valenti’s Why Have Kids?, is in stock at two of five stores near me.

Why did Barnes & Noble capitulate? I’ve asked the company that question, but since I haven’t gotten a response from them yet, a few possibilities:

So here’s your homework for today: Visit a Barnes & Noble store near you and see if you can find one of these books there.


krishna bhatt

Like Traditional publishers, the self-publishing is evolving.
They may join hands to exploit the writers in future.
Krishna Bhatt.


In stock at Chicago’s Webster Ave and North Michigan Ave stores, not elsewhere around here though.


Who cares? B&N is already irrelevant, and all they’re going to be in a few years is a memory.

Laurie Abkemeier

Marshall’s book is “out of stock” at the three stores near me in central/northern New Jersey. Valenti’s is out of stock at two stores, and “in stock” at the Clark, NJ, store.


Both titles are listed as “out of stock” at the three B&N near me ine in Pittsburgh. That would imply that the titles would be available if they had stock – at least it does to me. Whether or not that is the truly the case I do not know.

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