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CruxSKUNK: A thin iPad keyboard case with a twist

There’s no lack of keyboard cases for Apple’s iPad(s aapl) and I’m finding some of the best-looking ones on Kickstarter. The CruxSKUNK might have a smelly-sounding name but looks to be pretty sweet. It’s billed as the thinnest iPad keyboard available and has a useful 360-degree hinge that lets you quickly move from keyboard input to touch, while doubling as an iPad stand.

The CruxSKUNK’s keyboard is definitely thin; just 6 millimeters. Atop the standard QWERTY keys are special function buttons specific to the iPad and its iOS software. Using a Bluetooth connection to pair with an iPad, the battery should last roughly a month between charges and a USB is included to recharge the internal battery. A zippered case is also part of the deal. A standout feature though is surely the hinge and the way an iPad is held by the keyboard; take a look:

I like the idea of the keyboard doubling as a adjustable angle stand for watching content or gaming. Others must as well: with just over two days left on Kickstarter, the project smashed through its $90,000 funding goal with nearly $233,000 pledged. So will I be backing this one for the $155?

I’m passing since I already backed the Brydge, a similar product. The Brydge hinge only moves 180-degrees, but a key differentiator  is an option for two integrated speakers; something that the CruxSKUNK lacks. If that doesn’t bother you, this may be a good option. Don’t wait though: The project funding closes on Wednesday this week!

8 Responses to “CruxSKUNK: A thin iPad keyboard case with a twist”

  1. You are still missing the boat. the real trouble with most keyboard “cases” is they will not easily adjust the ipad from landscape to portrait. Why can’t any of you R and D folks understand the reason the ipad view rotates is that some applications work/look better in portrait?

  2. this ipad laptop is so touching. would that had a one like this. I really like the rich look, style, and color. It must have great fetchers in too! But the price is a little high, out of the affordability of many fans like me. Will it drop little down at some point in time? I really want to have it!!!

  3. ssidner

    Too bad there is no mouse.

    There is a jail-broken version of iOS that has mouse support. But Apple is very silent on this. In fact I saw yesterday that a developer said that their app broke in iOS 6 because it was dependent on mouseup events.

    A Bluetooth keyboard, a Bluetooth mouse and an iPad – who needs a Macbook Air? And that may explain the whole thing. Too bad.

  4. Mr. Bee

    the only negative I notice is that they keep saying “360 degree hinge” but they never in fact show it moving more than 180 degrees.

    This is either poor marketing (not showing the capabilities of the product), deceptive marketing (saying it’s 360 when it’s not), or just incompetence. Not sure that I like any of those options.