5 ways Pioneers Festival veers off the beaten conference path


  1. Aim

    Showcasing the power behind future technologies. Pioneers wants to inspire young entrepreneurs to envision beyond today’s existing infrastructure, into technologies changing life tomorrow.

  2. Specific speakers

    Pioneers Festival sought after expertise in fields relevant to their mission. To mention a few,

    • Adam Cheyer, founder of Siri, Inc., the intelligent personal assistant.
    • Pablos Holman, who calls himself an inventor and hacker and believes that technology will be implemented into everything in the future.
    • Matt Mullenweg, who made the web accessible with Automattic.
  3. Festival

    Aside from having the Imperial Palace as their venue, they have product presentations such as the world’s fastest electric car Rimac, The Invisible Helmet and more. To the atmosphere contribute side events, parties and surprises.

  4. Program

    Two allocated tracks, “Trailsblazer” for inspiration and the “Startup Academy” with mentors digging deep into their expertise field during lessons. The attendees will enjoy a complete show: The Clash of the Founders challenged four founders to walk the talk and build a prototype in 30 hours.

  5. Startup challenge

    Their startup challenge will show off some great quality startups — it gathered 850+ applications from all continents. Pioneers swears to take care of them: The 50 best spend an entire day solely meeting investors and pitching. Eight of them will advance to the grand final.

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