The Apple Roundup: Despite Maps mess, Schmidt calls Apple ‘a good partner’


With so many people writing about Apple(s AAPL), finding the best stories and reports isn’t easy. Here’s our daily pick of stories about the company from around the Web that you shouldn’t miss:

  • In the midst of the Google-Apple maps squabble, Google(s GOOG) Chairman Eric Schmidt called Apple “a very good partner” today, right after saying the company’s patent wars with Samsung were “one of the worst things” to have happened in the industry and bad for innovation, according to the Korea Times. (Link bonus: Picture of Schmidt doing the “Gangnam Style” dance.)
  • How often do you think about how much it costs you to charge your gadgets? Opower has done the math, and finds that the new iPhone 5 is pretty cheap to power up.
  • Bloomberg Businessweek looks at the business case for Apple moving its manufacturing out of China.
  • It’s not just Maps. Additional struggles for iPhone 4S and third-generation iPad owners who’ve recently upgraded to iOS 6: Wi-Fi problems, according to AppleInsider.
  • iOS developer Marco Arment tells an anecdote about his grandfather switching from a Windows PC to an iPad to illustrate how far we haven’t come from the old days of the PC.

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